UCD has almost completed the move to the Brightspace Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). In order to provide a smooth transition the Blackboard VLE will run in tandem with Brightspace until 1st September 2019 when the Blackboard service ends. Brightspace will provide a digital hub for teaching and learning at UCD where lecturers can post materials and announcements for students, run quizzes and surveys, virtual classrooms and discussion forums. For more information see

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Following an extensive oversight group evaluation and user experience trials, Brightspace has been chosen as the new VLE for University College Dublin and will be replacing Blackboard.  As part of the changeover to Brightspace, a number of early adopter modules will migrating from Blackboard and using their modules via Brightspace from September 2018.  Students affected by the initial changeover will receive orientation as part of this process.  A second phase of modules wil migrate to Brightspace in Semester 2 (January), 2018-2019 Academic Year, with the final phase to be completed in Semester 1 (September), 2019-2020 Academic Year.


To see more information about the changover and a list of the early adoptor modules please see the Future VLE information page.

     You can access Brightspace through UCD Connect (icon available on top right of screen) and then click on the Brightspace icon.   Your Brightspace username is the same as your UCD Connect username.

You can also access Brightspace via your mobile phone or tablet, by downloading the Brightspace Pulse application to your device from the relevant app store.

Help and advice is available from the Helpdesk, by emailing or at ext: 2700.

Brightspace training courses are currently being developed to support the transition process as modules are migrated from Blackboard.  


Training will be made available on a phased basis in line with each stage of the transition process and will include a 'Getting Started with Brightspace' course, followed by courses covering more in-depth topics.


Please check for VLE Transition Project updates 

To access Brightspace's own online resources, please use the links below:

Q1 - Where do I get help with Brightspace?

Brightspace Helpdesk

When you log into UCD Brightspace, you will see the Brightspace Helpdesk panel on the right hand side of your page.  From here, you can go straight to the D2L Brightspace Community help page with top questions for students and instructors.  This page also contains a live chat function with a Brightspace expert where you can ask questions


IT Services Brightspace website

This website contains information and How To guides for both staff and students that will be updated regularly with guides and videos addressing common topics within Brightspace


Brightspace Online Resources

The Online Resources tab on this page contains links to a number of useful locations on the D2L Brightspace website for Instructor and student FAQs, videos and extensive help and how to sections


IT Helpdesk

You may contact the UCD IT Helpdesk with your query by emailing or phoning at 01-7162497 during business hours

Q2 - Why aren't some of my modules appearing in Brightspace?

To see which of your modules use Brightspace :

  1. Login to Brightspace
  2. Your courses will be listed under the My Modules section on the My Brightspace page
  3. To access a module, click on the module name. This will open the module home page
  4. Navigate the module by clicking the buttons across the top of the module


Brightspace module enrolment information is read directly from the student registration system. Log into SIS, and make sure you are fully registered for the module. It is not enough to register for a programme, you must also be registered to the individual module.

NOTE: A "Provisional" registration status will not entitle you to Brightspace module access. You must complete the registration process first.

Module Availability

As UCD are currently in the process of transitioning from Blackboard to Brightspace some modules may still be offered on Blackboard. In the first instance you should check with your Module Coordinator/Lecturer as to which VLE they are using for their module.


We appreciate your patience while we make this exciting change for UCD. 


Alternatively, log into Brightspace and click on the Select a Module button at the top of the page. Than search for the module by browsing the module catalogue or entering the module code in the Search window.


Q3 - How to log into Brightspace?
  1. Go to
  2. Click on UCD Connect and then the Brightspace icon
  3. Enter your username and password
    Username: Your UCD username
    Password: Use the same password as for UCD Connect
  4. Login


Q4 - What browsers are supported for use with Brightspace?

The functionality of different browsers can change due to regular updates whereby some components of the system may be adversely affected.  If you experience problems with one browser using Brightspace then try a different one.  If the issue then persists please contact

Click for a list of Supported Browsers and devices for Brightspace.


Q5 - How to print files from Brightspace?

When printing files that are stored on Brightspace, you should first save the file to your disk. Then open the saved file with the relevant application and print from there.


Q6 - What is Brightspace Pulse?

Brightspace Pulse takes the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) mobile, providing staff and student’s access to e-learning services on a variety of popular mobile platforms.


Q7 - How do I add a Module Instructor?

Module Co-ordinators are now able to assign roles to staff as co-lecturers, module assistants, assistant graders and tutors for access to their module's data (including Blackboard).

To do this you need to access the Module Access Management system (MAMs) See next FAQ.


Q8 - What is the Module Access Management system?

The Module Access Management system allows Module Coordinators and School Administrators to view and amend who has access to their module's data (in Class Lists, Grading Lists etc.).

To access the new Module Access Management system you will need to do the following:

  1. Login to UCD Connect
  2. Choose InfoHub
  3. Click on Students tab
  4. Choose Module Access Management.


Q9 - How to manage the file sizes of course material in Brightspace?

If you are using Blackboard to deliver course materials to your students, please note the following guidelines for including images and tips for limiting the size of your presentations:

  1. Physical Size: Keep image sizes small. Use an imaging application to reduce the size
  2. Resolution: If you want to display an image on screen, it is not necessary to use high-resolution images. It is still possible to maintain the quality of the image and reduce the amount of space it takes up. All images should be reduced to an appropriate resolution such as 72dpi
  3. Image type: Once you are happy with the image you have chosen, save the copy you wish to use for your presentation
  4. Video clips and Animation: The use of video clips or animation automatically increases the size of your file and unlike images, there is no way to compress them. Please limit the use of video clips and animation in your presentations or link to videos and animations hosted externally to Brightspace such as Youtube or the HEAnet Multimedia Hosting service.