Peer Assessment

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peerScholar enables lecturers to set up a range of peer assessment activities for their students. It is integrated into Brightspace. peerScholar has a strong research basis being developed by faculty from the University of Toronto.

The peerScholar workflow consists of three steps: Create, Assess and Reflect. Each step supports the development of critical and creative thought, and expressive and receptive communication, while giving students a very clear sense of the quality of their own work. peerScholar offers three types of peer assessment:

  1. Classic - A typical individual peer-assessment assignment where individual students submit their work, assess each other and then receive and reflect on their feedback (with options to revise & resubmit their work)
  2. Case study - A lecturer can present existing cases for students to evaluate
  3. Group work - Students work together to create, assess and reflect on an activity . It includes Group Member Evaluation.

Video for lecturers

The following video provides an overview of creating a peerScholar activity and how a student completes it.  

Video for Students


Peer Assessment using peerScholar TELAll webinar 19 May 2021
This webinar gives overview of how to use peerScholar in a module and show examples of use cases at UCD.
Webinar recording:

How to guides for lecturers

Grade Transfer to Brightspace

To transfer your grades from peerScholar to Brightspace 
  1. Go to Gradebook in the left peerScholar menu
  2. Choose Sync Grades

Grade transfer to Brightspace

This will create a Brightspace grade item with the same name as the peerScholar activity, using the default grade scheme for that module. This grade item can be edited, if necessary. 
Sync transfers the grades from peerScholar to the Brightspace grade item.
You can also download the grades in CSV format for further analysis, if desired.


You can read more about peerScholar on their website. peerScholar status can be viewed here.

peerScholar online support: