To take a quiz in your module

  1. Click on Assessments, Quizzes
  2. On the Quiz List page, click on the quiz you want to take.
  3. Read the instructions and details for the quiz, and when you're ready, click Start Quiz!.
  4. Answer each question. As you complete the question, the answer will automatically save. You can see which questions have saved answers in the Questions section of the quiz's left panel. You can also click the question number in the quiz's left panel to go back to the question.
  5. To navigate between pages, click Next Page or Previous Page.
  6. Click Go to Submit Quiz after you answer all quiz questions.
  7. If you are not ready to submit the quiz, click the question number in the quiz's left panel to go back to the question or if you are ready to submit the quiz, click Submit Quiz.

Please note that your lecturer may have applied date ranges to your quiz.  If the end date has passed, you will be unable to take the quiz and you should contact your lecturer.

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Why can't I access a quiz?

If you are unable to access a quiz and are receiving a “Not Authorized” or “Internal Error” message, this can mean one of the following:

  • The quiz is not available.
  • The quiz has ended.
  • The maximum number of attempts for the quiz have been reached.

I lost connection to the Internet/the page froze while I was taking a quiz, what do I do?

Important: If you exit a timed quiz, time will continue to run on the quiz timer.

  • If you lost connection to the Internet or the page froze while you were in the middle of taking a quiz, exit the quiz and re-enter the quiz. Questions that have been saved will remain.
  • If time to complete the quiz has run out, contact your instructor and explain the issue.

Why am I unable to submit a quiz?

  • If you are unable to submit a quiz, try to re-enter the quiz and submit it (if time is still available). If time is not available, contact your instructor for further help.
  • If answers were saved during the quiz, the attempt is set to “in progress” and will be available for your instructor to view. Contact the instructor and explain the situation.

Why can't I access the next quiz attempt?

  • The next quiz attempt cannot be accessed until the previous quiz attempt has been submitted. Submit the first attempt in order to access the second attempt.

Source: Learner FAQ - Quizzes