Virtual Classroom with Zoom

Zoom is a video conferencing tool introduced to the University in March 2020 as a meeting tool. Zoom is the Virtual Classroom for the University for the academic year 2021/22.

Zoom can be accessed directly from within Brightspace modules via the My Class menu in the navigation bar. It is a real time web conferencing tool which can be used to support teaching delivery. 

Further information on how Zoom can be used as a virtual classroom can be found within our Knowledge Base or on the Teaching and Learning website

There is a maximum capacity of 500 participants per session with UCD Zoom accounts. If you require more than 500 participants (including yourself), you will need to request a webinar license. Further information on how to do this can be found here.

Note: Please review our UCD Knowledge Base articles for support information.


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Note: In order to schedule a Zoom session in Brightspace you will need a Zoom Pro Account. To check your account, go to and sign in using your UCD credentials, Click on Profile and then scroll to “Account”, you should see Licensed.

In your module go to My Class and choose Zoom.



This will open the Zoom/Brightspace interface (for the full Zoom interface you should log into Zoom directly)


Zoom schedule


The view will show all your Zoom upcoming meetings. By clicking the box to the left of Show my course meetings you will see only the sessions that you have created, if there are a number of people creating sessions within your modules.

To create a new meeting, click on Schedule a New Meeting and fill out the form as seen below:


Zoom meeting name


The Topic will default to your Module name but can be changed and you may wish to include other text such as the week number if you have not set up the meeting as a recurring meeting. You can also add a description if you wish however this is not visible within the integration. 

Set the Date and Time and duration of the meeting.


Zoom meeting options


If this is a once off meeting you can leave all the settings as they are above. The students can join the meeting by entering the module on Brightspace and going to Zoom.


Zoom options other


The options above allow participants to join the session early, enter the session with microphones turned off and automatically record the session. The Alternative Hosts option will allow you to give hosting rights to another staff member.

Click Save. This will create the session within Brightspace.Students can join the session via the Zoom option under My Class in their Brightspace account. 

Other Options:


Zoom recurring


If you want to set up a series of sessions use Recurring Meeting.


 Will students get Zoom pro accounts?

All students will get Zoom pro accounts associated with their UCD Connect email address ahead of the official start date of the academic year 2021/22.


What will happen to a student's private Zoom account? 

 A student's private account should be unaffected by the Zoom integration with Brightspace. Students should make sure they are signed into Zoom using their UCD Connect account to avoid connection issues. If students had a Zoom basic account associated with their ucdconnect email address, they will receive an email asking them to activate their pro account and will have 30 days to do so. If they do not activate within the 30days and require a Pro account they will need to request this access is reinstated via the IT Hub

If they did not have a basic account associated with their ucdconnect account, they will automatically be provided with a Zoom pro account and will be able to login to the Zoom client and via



What will happen to an account with webinar privileges? 

 The Brightspace Integration does not recognize webinars. If you wish to use Webinar mode, you should continue to use it how you did previously. If you require access to a Webinar License please complete the Zoom Webinar FormFurther information can be found here.


What are the max class sizes in Zoom? 

For those with a Zoom Pro Account, the max number of attendees is 500 including the host. All UCD staff accounts should not be able to see this. To check you own privileges go to click profile and then scroll down to "account"

screenshot of zoom licence


Will recordings be available via Brightspace

Yes, recording can be made available via the Zoom Integration for Students. You will be able to manage these via the integration and publish recordings you want to make available to students. Further information can be found here


How long will recording be available? 

Recording will be available for no more than 400 days after creation. Should you wish to retain recordings, you can download these and store using a media storage platform. IT Services recommend HeaNet Media Services. Further information can be found here


Will students be able to initiate a Zoom session from within Brightspace? 

 No, the integration is set up to differentiate between staff and students. Only named instructors via Module Access Management on the module can set up a Zoom meeting within the module space in Brightspace. 


Will groups transfer from Brightspace to Zoom? 

 No, this functionality is currently not available. You can pre assign breakout groups using the pre assign function in Zoom
Note: You will have to do this via as you currently cannot pre assign groups in Brightpsace.
See “How do I Pre Assign Groups” using Brightspace for more info.


I have recorded sessions before Zoom was integrated, can I bring these into my module space? 

There is functionality to allow you to import a meeting/recording created outside of the Brightspace integration. To do this you will require the meeting ID. Click on “Import Meeting” in the top right hand corner of the Zoom integration in Brightspace. Input your meeting ID and this should import your meeting/recording. 

Note: This recording will only be available for the duration of 400 days from the original recording date. If you want the recording to be available for a longer period it is best practice to download the recording, retain it via a media hosting service and share the url to the recording via your module learning space. 


Can only the module coordinator set up a Zoom session in Brightspace?

No, Individuals provided with Instructor roles to a module via Module Access Management (MAMS) can set up a session in module content in Brightspace. More information on Mams can be found here.


Can I have an open meeting within a module for students to meet? 

Yes, you can set up a recurring meeting and within the setting, allow for joining anytime. However, as students will have their own Zoom Pro Accounts, they should be able to set up their own meetings if they require them.


We have an external lecturer who does not have access to Brightspace - will they be able to use the Zoom integration? 

No, Instructors who do not have UCD Accounts cannot be set up as alternative hosts during the creation of a session. The host will have to commence the session and make the external lecturer a co-host once the session has commenced.

Note: You may wish to share the session details with the external lecturer separately


At UCD, we have configured Zoom, by default, to ensure meetings are as secure and private as possible. .



  1. Participants are not allowed to join before the meeting host.
  2. All participants are placed in a “Waiting Room” and the Host individually admits them to meetings.
  3. Unique meeting IDs are required for each scheduled or instant meeting (rather than using your Personal Meeting ID (PMID).
  4. Passwords are required for schedule and instance meetings.
  5. Participants cannot rejoin if the host has removed them.
  6. Guests from outside UCD are identified.



Zoom recommendations


  1. Messages sent via chat are not saved.
  2. Participants cannot save a transcript of the call.
  3. Recording to local files is not allowed (cloud only).
  4. Meetings are not recorded automatically – only the Host is allowed to do this and to access these recordings. Before the meeting commences, Hosts are prompted to inform participants about the recording of meetings.

Additional security

  1. Files cannot be transferred via chat
  2. Only the Host can share their screen

All the above features are enabled automatically within UCD - you do not need to do anything. However, there may be situations where you wish to override these defaults but please consider carefully before you do so.


UCD Zoom data resides in an EU Data Centre

In October 2020 Zoom were requested to transfer all of the UCD Data to their EU Data Centres. The transition of the service to the EU was informed by enhanced data privacy rules and in particular by the ruling of the Court of Justice of the EU in July, which raised the bar in relation to the requirement to keep data within the EU. The transfer happened during November and we are now happy to confirm that all UCD Zoom data is now held within the EU. This includes both Zoom Meeting and Webinar data.


Data Retention Policy

A Data Retention Policy has been implemented for Zoom Recordings. By default any recordings you complete will be deleted after 13 months. Should you have a business reason to amend this period, please forward this to the Helpdesk for review.



Enable these security settings:
      1. Meeting password/passcode

      2. Waiting room

      3. Meeting registration




We recommend:

  1. If you have previously altered any settings, that you reset them back to the UCD Default Settings by clicking RESET next to the individual setting.
  2. If you have created recurring meetings, that you review the settings for these meetings in light of the recommendations above.  You can amend existing meetings by logging into your Zoom account on, click Meetings on the left menu and then review and edit any upcoming meeting.
  3. That you use your UCD Zoom account rather than any personal Zoom account so that you benefit from the UCD security configuration.
  4. That you actively manage any recordings of meetings which you have taken.  You can view them by logging into your Zoom account on, click Recordings on the left menu.  You should delete recordings when they are no longer needed.

Further information on Zoom security features are available here 

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