Google Calendar in UCD

Your Google account in UCD includes a calendar and can be accessed from the UCD Connect page or from within your email. The calendar can also be accessed on various mobile devices and desktop applications. Click on the links below for information on how to use the calendar and how to access the calendar on other devices. 

Some users are reporting Spam events in their calendar. Spam is being sent from Gmail accounts as calendar invitations and appearing in the calendar. Within the event options (top-right of the event) there is an option to report it as Spam. This will also remove it from your calendar.

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Google Calendar Basics:

The link below provides of an overview of how to use Google Calendar:

Google Calendar on Mobile Devices:

The link below provides information on accessing Google Calendar on your phone or tablet:



Google Calendar for desktop applications

If you use a desktop application like Outlook or Apple Mail you will need to set a password before configuring your account. To do this, go to UCD Connect and click the Mail icon. Click the person icon at the top right and click My Account. On the Account page click the Signing into Google link under 'Sign-in and Security'. This will take you to UCD's SelfPass application. 


Apple iCal

For information on using Apple iCal click the link below:


Microsoft Outlook

If you want to use the Outlook calendar you will need to use the Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook (GASMO). This also syncronises your email account and will create a new profile in Outlook. 

For information and download for GASMO click the link below: