Sharing Options

When you share a document or folder in Google Drive, the default setting is that the person you share with has ‘Edit’ access to the item. That access includes sharing the folder or document with other users as well as making changes to it.

If you want to prevent editors from sharing the folder you can do so at the initial sharing point. 

If you want people to be able to see the documents but not change them you can select 'Can View' access. 

NOTE: 'Get shareable link' creates access to a document for anyone in UCD with that link. 

Useful Security Features

In addition to restricing the level of access to other people there are some extra options such as preventing dowloading and setting expiration dates. To access all of these options click the Advanced link in the initial screen:

Adv Sharing screenshot

Make changes to the default sharing options in the Advanced dialog:

Drive Editors

Sharing with expiration dates:

  • Expiration dates for file shares can be set on a by-user basis. Once a file has been shared, click on the permissions for that user and select ‘Set Expiry..’

Owners can prevent downloading, printing or copying of documents:

  • In the ‘Sharing Settings’ screen, click the Advanced link and select ‘Disable options to download, print and copy for commenters and viewers’

Users are notified if sharing files outside of the domain:

  • If you are sharing a file or folder outside of UCD a pop-up notification appears and you must click 'Yes' before proceeding.


Additional information 

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