Team Drive

Team Drives provide shared spaces in Google Drive where teams can create and store files. They have their own section within the Google Drive interface. Individuals can be a member of multiple Team Drives. Each is shown in the Team Drives section.

Every Team Drive can have different members and permissions. Files and folders stored in a Team Drive are displayed just like those in the rest of Google Drive. New files can be created or uploaded straight into a Team Drive and existing files can be moved into it.

How does Team Drive differ to shared folders and files within My Drive?

Files and folders that are stored in the My Drive section of Google Drive, are owned by the account that created them. These files remain owned by that account holder, even if these files have been shared.

When the account holder leaves UCD, their account is disabled. 12 months after this date, the account is deleted from the system. At this point all files and folders within the account's My Drive (including files shared with others) are permanently deleted from Google Drive

With files and folder stored in Team Drives however, this does not happen. The feature is similar to existing shared folders in Google Drive but, unlike traditional Google Drive shared folders, files and folders in a Team Drive are not owned by an individual user. Instead, they are owned by the team itself. This removes the potential for data being lost if an account is deleted.

Open All


  • Open Google Drive.
  • Select Shared Drives.
  • You can view any Shared Drives you've been added to here.
  • Click New to create a new Shared Drive. 

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Who owns the documents in the Team Drive?

The documents are owned by UCD.

Can individual documents be shared with people who are not members of the team?


Can somebody outside of the UCD.IE domain be a team member?

Yes, you will be warned when adding somebody outside of the UCD.IE domain.

What happens My Drive files when I leave UCD?

Your files will be deleted sometime after your account has been disabled.

Can I move my files from My Drive to the Team Shared Drive?

Yes. There is a Move To option.

Can I transfer the ownership of a file?

Yes, ownership of files in the My Drive section of Google Drive can be transferred to a person with whom you have shared the file. See the Support section.