Why am I receiving this security alert and is it legitimate?

Gmail Security Alerts

The University’s use of Google Apps for Education reserved all @ucd.ie Google accounts exclusively for use by UCD. If you had previously created a Google account using your @ucd.ie email address, you may be receiving alerts from Google about sign-in attempts on that account. You may have created the account for Youtube, blogger or any other product by Gmail.

To resolve the issue of conflicting accounts, you will need to sign-in to Google using the username@gtempaccount.com and the password you had previously set for your Google account. For example, if your email address is anne.ryan@ucd.ie, you would sign into Google using the username anne.ryan@gtempaccount.com, and the password that you had previously used when signing into Google with that account.

After doing so, you will be given the opportunity to rename this account to any available @gmail.com address or to delete it.
If you can’t remember the password for the account you can enter the email address here here: