Google Currents

Google Currents is a discussion and information platform for UCD staff where users set up 'communities' that can be either private (e.g. for their work team or project) or visible to all UCD users (typically for social, cultural or cross-campus initiatives).

Google Currents is provided to you by UCD IT Services as part of the Google Workspace (formerly GSuite) package of enterprise applications.

Note: In addition to the Google Apps Education Terms and Conditions, your use of Google products in UCD is governed by Google Currents Policies & Principles.

Getting started with Google Currents 

If you are already logged in to your UCD email (on Gmail) or calendar, you will find Google Currents in the drop-down menu with all your other Google Workspace applications when you click on the three-by-three dots icon in the top right of the screen.

  • The Home screen in Google Currents shows you all the latest posts in communities of which you are a member.
  • The Communities screen displays your communities and lets you discover other communities that visible to all UCD users. (You can only see or join a private community if you are invited by its moderator or owner.)
  • 'All posts' shows you the latest posts visible to all UCD users, which is a good way to discover new communities and discussions.

By joining a community in Google Currents you can interact with fellow members by posting, commenting and keeping up to date on the latest information and discussion. You can also choose to receive an email notification for each new post in that community.

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Google Workspace Community

The Google Workspace Community in Google Currents is where UCD staff can find information and discussion about using the range of Google Workspace applications (including Google Currents itself). It's also an example of a Google Currents community in action.

 » Find out more: Google Workspace Community (UCD Connect staff login required)

Data protection and security

The formal data protection agreement between UCD and Google means you need have no concerns about privacy or the security of your work or private notes. Some other 3rd party applications will not have gone through a formal security review so do not come with the same level of reassurance.

Visit our Top Security Tips web page to learn how to stay cybersafe while working remotely.