Google Currents

Google Currents is a discussion and social networking platform within UCD and is available to UCD staff along with your other Google applications. It allows you to join and create 'communities' within your team or project and across the university to post information, share knowledge and discuss queries. Your communities can either be private within a group or visible for others in UCD to discover.

Google Currents is provided to you by UCD IT Services as part of the Google Workspace (formerly GSuite) package of enterprise applications.

Note: In addition to the Google Apps Education Terms and Conditions, your use of Google products in UCD is governed by Google Currents Policies & Principles.


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If you are already logged in to your UCD email (on Gmail) or calendar, you will find Google Currents in the drop-down menu with all your other Google Workspace applications when you click on the three-by-three dots icon in the top right of the screen:

When you open Google Currents and click on Communities, you have three options:

  • Go into a community in which you are already a member (“Your communities”)
  • Start a new community (“+ New community”)
  • Find other communities across UCD (“Discover more”). Note that some communities are marked ‘private’: to join these communities you will need to receive an invitation or request access from the owners or moderators

Note that once a Google Currents community is created as either ‘private’ or ‘visible within UCD’, this cannot be subsequently changed i.e. a private community cannot later be made visible to all of UCD and vice versa.

> Find out more about using Communities in Google Currents (opens on Google support website)

Currents is part of the Google Workspace (formerly known as GSuite) package of integrated Google enterprise applications available to UCD students and staff.  Google Workspace includes familiar tools like your UCD email, calendar and Google Drive, along with new and improved applications such as:

  • Google Chat, previously known as Hangouts, for messaging classmates or colleagues and setting up 'rooms' to work together in groups
  • Google Forms, for creating active communities, either open or private, to discuss topics and share ideas
  • Google Keep, for making notes by text, image or voice that can then be used in other Google applications

The Google Workspace Community in Google Currents is where you can find information and discussion about using the range of Google Workspace applications (including Google Currents itself). Search 'Google Workspace Community' when you are in Google Currents to read the latest posts and subscribe to notifications.

The formal Data Protection agreement between UCD and Google means you need have no concerns about privacy or the security of your work or private notes. Some other 3rd party applications will not have gone through a formal security review so do not come with the same level of reassurance.

Visit our Top Security Tips web page to learn how to stay cybersafe while working remotely.