Google Forms

Google Forms lets you create instant professional-looking online surveys and forms so you can gather valuable feedback and engage with your colleagues, classmates or user groups.

Select from multiple question types, drag and drop sections to reorder questions, insert images and videos, and add custom logic so that your respondents get a survey experience tailored to them. You can then analyse the results of your survey in real time in Google Forms and collate them directly into a spreadsheet in Google Sheets.


Introduction to Google Forms (2:05)

A short tour of the options and functions available in Google Forms

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  • It is a free online tool, that allows you to collect information easily and efficiently.
  • Integrated with google workspace applications.
  • As with all Google Workspace applications such as Gmail and Calendar, data collected through Google Forms comes under our Data Privacy agreement with Google and is stored completely within the EU.
  • No programming or database skills required.
  • With Google Forms you can create surveys in a few minutes.
  • You get instant results as they come in.
  • You can summarise survey results at a glance with charts and graphs.
  • You can create and analyze surveys right in your mobile or web browser no special software required.

Google Forms is part of the Google Workspace suite of applications provided to UCD students and staff by UCD IT Services. Browse the articles below to get started in creating your own online forms and surveys. (Links are to the Google Support website)

Formal Data Protection agreement between UCD and Google means you need have no concerns about privacy or the security of your work or private notes. Some other 3rd party applications will not have gone through a formal security review so do not come with the same level of reassurance.
Visit our Top Security Tips webpage to learn how to stay cybersafe while working remotely.