Google Keep

Google Keep is the perfect online notes tool to plan meetings, share agendas and collaborate with your classmates or colleagues on to-do lists and general tasks. Fully integrated with your other Google applications, including your Gmail inbox and Google Calendar, and instantly synchronised across your devices, it even lets you record voice messages and other reminders while you are on the move. 

Google Keep is provided to you by UCD IT Services as part of the Google Workspace (formerly GSuite) package of enterprise applications.


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Discover the functions and uses of Google Keep for your online notes

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Google Keep facilitates collaboration with your colleagues around meeting notes and agendas. Use Keep to capture your "light bulb" moments on the move on any device and share them with your team.  Google Keep comes fully integrated with your existing Google suite of applications so you can use Keep to set yourself reminders and notifications for your "to do" list or project milestone. To create a more meaningful note you can also attach images and record an audio message.


Visit the Google Keep webpage to find out more about how Google Keep can help you make the most of your time.

All links below are to articles on the Google Support website or videos on the Google Workspace channel on YouTube.

Formal Data Protection agreement between UCD and Google means you need have no concerns about privacy or the security of your work or private notes. Some other 3rd party applications will not have gone through a formal security review so do not come with the same level of reassurance.
Visit our Top Security Tips webpage to learn how to stay cybersafe while working remotely.