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Google Plus is Google's social networking platform. Google plus is available to both staff and students in UCD. To Access Google Plus, login to your UCD email account via Connect. At the top right of the page click on the application grid and select Google+. 

For an overview of Google Plus and help about using the service click here


Note: In addition to the Google Apps Education Terms and Conditions, which your use of Google products in UCD is governed. use of Google + is governed by Google + Policies & Principles.


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A Google+ Hangout is a web-based video communications tool. Up to fifteen people can hang out at one time in a virtual room. It can be used simply to converse or, by using apps such as YouTube and Google Docs, a Hangout can become a useful collaboration tool. Using the YouTube record feature, Hangouts can be recorded and uploaded to YouTube for future reference.
In order to use Hangouts you will require a plugin or an app both of which are free to download. You will be prompted to download the plugin or app when you try to start a hangout.

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Communities allow users to create ongoing conversations about particular topics. Users can join existing communities or create a community. Communities can be public or private. For more information on Communities click here.

Glossary of Terms


You can amend your profile to have a photo and information about you which will help other people to find you.



Circles provide a means of organising contacts into groups. The default Circles are Friends, Family, Acquaintances, and Following, these can be renamed at any time and you can choose to create new circles. Content is only available to the specific circle(s) to which you have added it.

When you add someone to a circle they will appear on your public profile. You can share with them and see what they’re sharing with you. They’ll be notified and can add you to their own circles, but they’ll never see the names of the circles you’ve added them to.

You can chat with anyone in your circles who also has you in their circles. If somebody adds you to his/her circles, but you do not add them to your circles, then their posts will not appear in your stream, and if you share something with specific circles, instead of sharing it publicly, they will not be able to see this either.

When you first sign up, you'll see some circles that have already been set up by Google, including 'Friends' and 'Acquaintances'. You can also add your own.



The main page that appears when you sign in consists of a stream of updates, conversations and shared content – similar to the Facebook news feed or Twitter stream.

You will see your own posts and posts from other people who you have added to your circles in your stream. You can choose to show only posts from specific Circles.



The Share what's new box at the top of your page allows you to add comments, links, pictures, videos or hangouts to your stream and to share them with others in your circle.



Provides a way of searching for other Google Plus users who you would like to add to your circles.