Google Meet

This is a video conferencing solution available to all staff and students through Google Calendar. Google Meet allows for meetings of up to 150 people simultaneously (extended by Google to 250 in response to the current situation, until July 2020).

The simplest way to use it is to setup a meeting in Google Calendar, invite your guests, choose add video conferencing and Google Meet from within the meeting setup screen.

Your guests will then have a link within their calendar invite which will bring them into the video conference. Google Meet for Education is widely used at UCD and provides a rich feature set comparable to Google Meet for Business.

More information on how to schedule and join a meeting can be found here


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How to create a meeting with Google Meet
The easiest way to create a video meeting using Google Meet is via the Google Calendar. You would create a calendar invite as you would normal, but in addition you would add the “conferencing” option and choose “Google Meet”