Zoom Meetings

Zoom Pro meetings are available for UCD Faculty & Staff.  Each meeting organiser or co-host requires a registered Zoom account.

Accounts are created automatically for Staff and Research Graduates on a weekly basis. Please check your eligibility for a Zoom Account below.

If you are interested in a Zoom Webinar

Check here if you're eligible for a Zoom Account?

Am I eligible for a Zoom Account?

Note that only the meeting organiser needs to have a registered Zoom account. Other Participants at the meeting may join using a Basic (free) account or join as a guest.

For ad hoc meetings, Faculty & Staff may also Google Hangouts Meet.

Help with using Zoom

Information on how to use Zoom is available in the Zoom Help Centre.

There are a range of short introductory videos also available.

To start Zoom click UCD Zoom 

Using Zoom Securely

Note: If you are holding a Zoom Webinar or a Meeting, we recommend not posting the Zoom meeting details on social media as that may open the event to unintended guests.

In Zoom, there are many controls which hosts of meetings can use to maximise the privacy and security of their meetings.  See the Security Settings section below.

Zoom Webinars

Zoom Webinars provide a solution for hosting online academic conferences, seminars and recruitment events. It is an add-on to Zoom Meetings (above) which we are licensed for UCD Faculty and Staff.

This Comparison Chart outlines the differences between Meetings and Webinars.
For help in using Webinars click
For live Webinar tutorials click

Please note Collaborate Ultra is the recommended conferencing tool for teaching and learning delivery.

If you are interested in acquiring a Zoom Webinar licence, please submit the Zoom Webinar Form below

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At UCD, we have configured Zoom, by default, to ensure meetings are as secure and private as possible. .



  1. Participants are not allowed to join before the meeting host.
  2. All participants are placed in a “Waiting Room” and the Host individually admits them to meetings.
  3. Unique meeting IDs are required for each scheduled or instant meeting (rather than using your Personal Meeting ID (PMID).
  4. Passwords are required for schedule and instance meetings.
  5. Participants cannot rejoin if the host has removed them.
  6. Guests from outside UCD are identified.


  1. Messages sent via chat are not saved.
  2. Participants cannot save a transcript of the call.
  3. Recording to local files is not allowed (cloud only).
  4. Meetings are not recorded automatically – only the Host is allowed to do this and to access these recordings. Before the meeting commences, Hosts are prompted to inform participants about the recording of meetings.

Additional security

  1. Files cannot be transferred via chat
  2. Only the Host can share their screen

All the above features are enabled automatically within UCD - you do not need to do anything. However, there may be situations where you wish to override these defaults but please consider carefully before you do so.


UCD Zoom data resides in an EU Data Centre

In October 2020 Zoom were requested to transfer all of the UCD Data to their EU Data Centres. The transition of the service to the EU was informed by enhanced data privacy rules and in particular by the ruling of the Court of Justice of the EU in July, which raised the bar in relation to the requirement to keep data within the EU. The transfer happened during November and we are now happy to confirm that all UCD Zoom data is now held within the EU. This includes both Zoom Meeting and Webinar data.


Data Retention Policy

A Data Retention Policy has been implemented for Zoom Recordings. By default any recordings you complete will be deleted after 13 months. Should you have a business reason to amend this period, please forward this to the Helpdesk for review.



Enable these security settings:
      1. Meeting password/passcode

      2. Waiting room

      3. Meeting registration




We recommend:

  1. If you have previously altered any settings, that you reset them back to the UCD Default Settings by clicking RESET next to the individual setting.
  2. If you have created recurring meetings, that you review the settings for these meetings in light of the recommendations above.  You can amend existing meetings by logging into your Zoom account on zoom.us, click Meetings on the left menu and then review and edit any upcoming meeting.
  3. That you use your UCD Zoom account rather than any personal Zoom account so that you benefit from the UCD security configuration.
  4. That you actively manage any recordings of meetings which you have taken.  You can view them by logging into your Zoom account on zoom.us, click Recordings on the left menu.  You should delete recordings when they are no longer needed.

Further information on Zoom security features are available here www.zoom.us/security 

New to Zoom check out the following pre-recorded live training sessions of 45-60 minutes

Zoom Meetings for Education pre recorded webinar is a great way to get quickly up to speed on Zoom meetings in 45 minutes. It covers the following topics

  • Scheduling, Inviting and Joing a Meeting
  • Managing and Interacting within a Meeting (Audio, Chat, Waiting Rooms)
  • Lectures and Presentations (Share Screen, Whiteboard, Annotations)
  • Quizzes and Small Group Activities (Polling, Breakout Rooms)
  • Attendance and Recording (note: functionality may not be configured)
  • Zoom for Education Use Cases 

Zoom short advice videos on ‘How To’ do certain tasks in a couple of minutes



Zoom Tips and Tricks



Practise your webinar?

Zoom provide the following link to practise a webinar you are planning.



Can I have Breakouts in my meeting?

Yes, This option is available to the UCD Zoom Accounts.

The host should turn on the Breakout Room functionality within the Meeting Settings on their account.

Refer to the User section of this article:



Use a Whiteboard in your Zoom meeting?


Quick Guide to activating a Meeting Whiteboard


Transcribe the audio from a Meeting automatically



How to create a Zoom video







Virtual Backgrounds


SSO Error:

Should you receive an error in the format WEB_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, it suggests you do not have a Zoom Account setup by UCD.  

  • Zoom Accounts are setup for Staff and Graduate Research Students. 
  • Zoom Accounts are not setup for Students                      

For teaching, the Educational Technology Services Team provide Brightspace and Blackboard Collaborate tools for this purpose. Google Hangouts is also an alternative virtual meeting tool used within UCD.

Should you require access to Zoom please ask your Head of School or Unit to email the ITHelpdesk with your Personal Identity Number, @ucd.ie email address, period required and reason for access that the request can be considered by the Zoom Service Team.


Am I eligible to use the UCD Version of Zoom?

Ensure you are eligible for a UCD Zoom Account (Staff and Graduate Research).

Zoom is not available to Students, Hourly paid or Affiliates. Approval is required from the Head of the School/Department.

  • You may Signin via the Zoom Icon from UCD Connect
  • Click on the UCD Zoom
  • Click on the Sign In button
  • Enter the Connect Username and Details associated with the UCD email address
  • Click the Login button

Note: If you using a non-personal Zoom account you should start an Incognito window to avoid passing your personal Connect password through in the SSO login which will generate an error message.

If you are still unable to login, please contact ITHelpdesk@ucd.ie.


How do I know if my version is Basic or Licensed?

The setting can be viewed from Personal > Profile > User Type


I have a Basic account, how do I get a licensed version?

Zoom has been setup for UCD Staff members. If you are eligible

Mail ITHelpdesk@ucd.ie.


I already have a Zoom Basic Account and have received a mail to switch to the Licensed version. Can I switch?

Yes, once setup on by the UCD Zoom Administrator for the licensed version the User will receive an email to Acknowledge and Switch to the Licensed version.


Setup a Zoom meeting directly from your Google Calendar by downloading the extension for Chrome.



Zoom Meeting Vs Webinar comparison



Meeting Capacity

UCD Zoom accounts can accommodate up to 300 participants. Log into Zoom from the Connect screen and navigate through Personal, Profile, License Type to confirm you have a Licensed Account


Can’t setup a webinar?

The webinar option is not available on the general UCD Zoom Account. It may be purchased by a rqeuest from your Head of Unit.  Please review the following Meeting Vs Webinar comparison to confirm if a webinar is required.

If you still require the Webinar option please forward details of the proposed conference with Head of Unit approval to the ITHelpDesk@ucd.ie to allocate the webinar add-on for 100 or 500 participants.

Here's a link to Google Hangouts Meet live streaming which may provide an alternative webinar mechanism.


Error 3003 returned when clicking the email link to access your Meeting Recording

If you are not signed into Zoom you may receive an error 3003 when you click on the link in the mail entitled Audio transcript for recording <meeting name>

  1. Sign in to your Zoom web portal, https://zoom.us/signin.
  2. In the navigation menu, click Recordings
    You will see a list of cloud recordings that you started.
  3. Adjust the date range and status, then search by host, meeting ID, topic, or keyword.


Virtual Backgrounds

Display an image or video as your background during a Zoom Meeting


Change the Gallery View to display 49 Participants

How to display 49 Participants


Zoom integration with Google Calendar

  1. Select Zoom Meeting from teh Add Video Conferencing in a Google Calendar Event. More...

Zoom are constantly adding new features, some of which may be available to UCD Zoom Users. What's New


UCD Communications to Zoom Users


January 2021


UCD transition to Zoom EU Data Centres

In October we requested that Zoom transfer all of the UCD Data to their EU Data Centres. The transition of our service to the EU was informed by enhanced data privacy rules and in particular by the ruling of the Court of Justice of the EU in July, which raised the bar in relation to the requirement to keep data within the EU. The transfer happened over the course of a few weeks and we are now happy to confirm that all UCD Zoom data is now held within the EU.

IT Services News Article

Zoom integration with Google Calendar

We recently added the facility to create Zoom meetings easily within your Google calendar. This allows you to set up a meeting in the usual way in your calendar and to make it a Zoom meeting with one extra click. All your meeting invitees will have easy access to the Zoom details at that stage.

How to enable the Zoom Add On for Calendar meetings

Data Retention Policy

A Data Retention Policy has been implemented for Zoom Recordings. By default any recordings you complete will be deleted after 13 months.  However you have an ability to override this timeline in  

FAQ - Auto Delete Recordings after Days



Display 49 participants on screen

It's possible to display 49 participants at a meeting if you have the correct video card hardware.

How to display 49 meeting participants