Analytics & Reporting

The analytics and reporting service provides operational and management reporting to support the business functions of the university, and to inform strategic planning. Information is sourced from UCD's integrated databases, and suites of reports are now available across all the main business areas. Information is delivered to end users via InfoHub.

Finance Analytics

In the finance area, quarterly financial outturns reports have been developed for use by the Finance office in reporting to UMT. The reports can also be accessed by members of UMT, and by College Principals and Heads of Schools (for their relevant units).

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HR Analytics

Analytics in the HR area include 5 year trend reporting on staffing numbers by college and school, including breakdowns according to employee status, category, gender, age and funding source. The reports also provide details of projected retirements in the college/school.

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Periodic Reporting to External Bodies

InfoHub is increasingly used as the tool to deliver statutory reporting to external bodies such as the Higher Education Authority. We have already delivered a suite of reports relating to the First Destination of Graduates, and work is in progress in 2015 to migrate the main student and staff HEA return to InfoHub.

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Research Analytics

Working in conjunction with UCD Research, IT Services has delivered a suite of reports that provide a statement of research activity at university, college or school level. These reports will draw together information from a wide variety of sources, relating to number and value of proposals submitted and grants awarded, number of publications, and number of staff that are research-active.

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Student Registration Analytics

Registration statistics are delivered at school, college and university level, and provide details of module and major registrations at three specified dates during the academic year.

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Student Recruitment Analytics

In the student recruitment area, IT Services has delivered reporting to support the Global Engagement initiative. Members of the Global Engagement Steering Group have access to reports that enable them to view the trend in applications to UCD according to a variety of indicators, including college, market and study level.

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