Identity Management

Identity Management is the foundation of how we integrate systems. Every person in UCD - student, staff, visitor etc - has an Identity Management record. This record contains the roles this person plays in the university and securely the services available to the individual.

Identity Management also relates a centralised “hub” for interfacing identity-related information with other systems such as staff directory, ID cards, staff IT account creation, Library access rights and access to our online portals - SISWeb, InfoHub and others.

My Profile

My Profile is a means for end users of InfoHub/SISWeb and associated portals to view and maintain their base account information.What is included in My Profile is dependent on the type of user - staff, student, alumni, visitor.

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Visitor Management

This service allows authorised units to record details of the individuals in the visitor categories that they look after. For example, UCD Residences maintain visitor records for accommodation maintenance staff, the Swimming Pool maintains visitor records for pool staff.

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