Cloud Servers and Storage

 UCD IT Services provides customers with the facility to purchase cloud servers and storage which are hosted in Belfield. Using the GÉANT Framework it has also become easier to procure Public cloud servers and storage (e.g Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure)

Cloud Servers

UCD IT Services offers VMware based IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) servers.  This service takes advantage of virtualization technology to host multiple IaaS servers, each of which functions as a complete and independent server, on a single physical machine.  A standard cloud server offering is a VM with 4gb RAM and 60gb of storage. FAQs >

Cloud Storage

UCD IT Services offer high-performance cloud storage services dedicated to either virtual or physical machines. This storage offerings is block-based storage services accessible over the IP network using iSCSI. It can be used as a replacement for fibre-channel network storage, and may be used by customers to provide end users with storage space. FAQs >

Public Cloud

An IaaS Cloud Framework has been setup by GÉANT in conjunction with Heanet to allow its customers avail of easier procurement for cloud Infrastructure from resellers of  Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. This framework also allows for the purchase of cloud IaaS from vendors using their own in house private cloud . These vendors include CloudSigma, dimension data and interoute. The framework expires 31st of December 2020. More details can be found on the Heanet website


Accessing Cloud Servers and Storage

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