Cloud Servers FAQs

What is a standard cloud server?

A standard cloud server is VMware server with 4gb of RAM and 60gb of storage.

What does this include?

  • A standard VMware server with 4gb of RAM and 60gb of storage
  • 1gb Network bandwidth
  • Windows Server 2008 or REDHat Enterprise linux installed
  • Up to date security patching for Windows Servers, monthly restart to facilitate this
  • Up to date anti-virus software (Symantec Anti-Virus) on Windows servers
  • Daily backups
  • Resilient/high-availability infrastructure
  • 24*7 monitoring with standard business hours response M-F 9:30-5:30
  • Helpdesk call logging
  • Telephone and email support

What is the cost of a standard cloud server?

The cost of a standard cloud server is 750 Euro per annum.

How does the user pay IT Services?

Payment for services is done via internal transfer on an annual basis.  The customer should provide their financial cost centre (i.e. the cost centre from which the funds should be transferred) and we will arrange an automatic transfer of funds.  IT Services will send a reminder on an annual basis to confirm the customer still requires the service and that the same cost centre should be used for the internal transfer.

How quickly can the cloud server be made available?
Once the internal transfer details are confirmed, the cloud server will be made available within 2 working days.

Is the cloud server accessible outside of UCD?

Yes, the cloud server will be assigned a single pubic facing IP address if required.

Are there any rules on the network and authentication configuration of the server?

  • All Cloud servers must use UCD's Domain Name Suffix (DNS) services, configuration details will be provided
  • Cloud servers which belong to UCD staff are recommended to use UCD's Active Directory domain
  • All requests for a Cloud server which will have sensitive data will need a separate security and risk assessment completed before a decision is made on whether it is suitable for UCD IT Services to host. A request to have this assessment completed will automatically happen if you indicate the server will have sensitive data on the request form
  • VM owners are responsible for their own software firewalls

What level of network access will be available to the Cloud server?

You can contact us to talk about your specific requirements. The nature of the data you are hosting will determine the network access available. If you are unsure as to whether your data is 'sensitive' please see the definition below.

What is the definition of sensitive data?

UCD, our departments and individual system owners have ethical, legal and moral obligations when setting up systems to host sensitive data. An example of systems deemed sensitive include:

  • financial systems that record bank, credit card, salary and other personal information;
  • health and human resource details, such as disabilities, criminal records, trade union membership, sexuality, racial or ethnic origin;
  • clinical trial and medical based systems with identifiable patient data;
  • laboratory and research systems recording details of animal based work;
  • intellectual property systems.

Cloud Requests for hosting should clearly state whether the system will hold sensitive data and consider how this data will be secured and plans for the application of all necessary protections. By default, Cloud is not a secure location for sensitive data.  Secure management of data and access permissions within these systems and compliance with all the information systems policies, including the Data Protection Act is the responsibility of the system owner.  If you need recommendations in this area, please contact us.

How do I request a restore of the cloud server?

Please log a call with the IT Services Helpdesk by email: or call ext: 2700.

What happens if the physical server that the cloud server resides on fails?

The cloud server will automatically fail over to another physical server, there may be a short interruption in services while this is happening.

What happens if there is an outage in the data centre which hosts the cloud server?

The cloud server will automatically fail over to a physical server in an alternate data centre, there may be a short interruption in services while this is happening.

Can I get a non-standard cloud server?

Yes, please email to arrange to discuss your needs and to examine how we provide a competitive solution to your requirement.

Applying for a VM Server

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