Cloud Storage FAQs

What is Cloud Storage ?
This storage offering is a block-based storage services accessible over the IP network using iSCSI.  It can be used as a replacement for fibre-channel network storage, and may be used by customers to provide end users with storage space. Cloud Storage is provided by UCD IT Services asnd is mirrored between IT Service’s two datacentres situated on the UCD Belfield campus

What is the cost of this storage service?

  • Cloud storage is €600 per TB per year.
  • A minimum purchase of 1TB payable in advance is required

What underlying technology does the Cloud storage service use?

  • IT Services Cloud storage uses NetApp FAS3240 storage arrays in a Metrocluster configuration.

What are the key features of this storage service?
Key features of Cloud storage are:

  • Highly fault-tolerant with many levels of redundancy within and between arrays
  • Mirrored between two datacenters
  • 512GB Flash Cache in each controller to enhance performance
  • SATA disks only
  • Re-size volumes without re-formatting (if using a compatible file system such as zfs)
  • Use the file system technology of your choice
  • Emulates local Data Storage
  • Order and Use immediately
  • Based on Block disk storage - iSCSI over the network
  • Located in two datacenters on the UCD Belfield campus.

Is this storage backed up?
No, it is the responsibility of the owner of the local server to backup and restore the data on the Cloud storage attached to the server.  Note: A mirror is not a backup. Mirrored storage should always be backed up.

Who can use this storage service?

  • Cloud Storage is available to all University staff and affiliates of the University.

How does the user pay for Cloud storage?
Payment for Cloud Storage is done via internal transfer on an annual basis.  The customer should provide their financial cost centre (i.e. the cost centre from which the funds should be transferred) to and they will arrange an automatic transfer of funds.  IT Services will send a reminder on an annual basis to confirm the customer still requires the service and that the same cost centre should be used for the internal transfer.

How quickly can the storage be made available?
Once the internal transfer details are confirmed, the Cloud storage will be made available within 2 working days.

Are there any requirements for access to the storage?
Yes, the local server access the storage requires minimum 1 Gb/s 20ms RTT connection to the UCD network.  It is also recommended that a separate network card (or port) should be used to access the iSCSI storage.

What happens if there is an outage in the data centre which hosts the storage?

  • Cloud Storage will automatically fail over to the replicated instance in an alternative data centre, there may be a short interruption in services while this is happening.

Accessing the service
To avail of any of our Storage services, please contact us.