Complementary Services 

Enhance your server with our additional services and server utilities.

SSH Bastion Host - Access your UCD hosted server, HPC Sonic and ICHEC Kay securely from off campus. Request access here.

Research VPN - For researchers who do not have a UCD staff account but need to access UCD internal resources (Undergraduate and Taught Masters students are not eligible for this service). More information here.

Staff VPN - Access your UCD hosted server from off campus (UCD Staff ONLY). More information here.

KVM - Access your Daedalus hosted server remotely using our keyboard, video, mouse solution. More information here.

NTP - Configure your server to automatically set the correct time of day, accurate to within a few milliseconds. More information here.

SSL Certificates - Secure the transfer of sensitive data between your web server and your users' browsers. Contact us here.

CNAME - Talk to us about cname requests. Contact us here.

Protect your server - Secure your server using our recommendations. More information here.

Register your server - Register your server on the UCD network. More information here.

Port opening request - Access to servers through restricted ports require core network changes can be requested (Exceptional cases ONLY). More information here.

Server vulnerability scan - We scan your server for security vulnerabilities and generate a summary report for you. Contact us here.

HEAnet Filesender - Share and send large files to others. More information here.


If you are interested in availing of these services or require futher details please contact us.