Virtual Servers

UCD IT Services provides customers with the facility to purchase virtual servers and additional storage which are hosted in Belfield. Virtual servers are quick to setup, they remove the need for you to purchase your own server and can be tailored to fit your requirements.

Virtual Servers

UCD IT Services offers VMware based IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) servers.  This service takes advantage of virtualization technology to host multiple IaaS servers, each of which functions as a complete and independent server, on a single physical machine.  A standard virtual server offering is a VM with 4gb RAM and 60gb of storage. FAQs >

Network Storage

Should you have large data storage requirements you can purchase network storage and we will attach it to your virtual server. FAQs >


If you would like to discuss virtual servers and network storage, please contact us




Applying for a VM Server

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Please note : If you cannot see a login box for this form, you must first log into UCD Connect mail in a separate browser tab.  Go to UCD Connect and click on the Mail icon.  Once logged in, return to and refresh this page and you will see the booking form.