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Survey Tools

The type of survey tool you choose for your research may depend on many factors, including personal preference, collaborator requirements, budget, support available, complexity of the survey, features required, data residency and the type of data being gathered during the survey. Regardless of the survey tool chosen, researchers should ensure that the system is secure from an IT point of view and the data gathered complies with GDPR Guidelines. It is preferable that UCD is the sole data-controller of the survey data collected.

See the UCD Guidelines on the recruitment of participants for research studies.

Google Forms

Google Forms may be used as a simple survey tool, it is available to anyone in UCD through their G-Suite applications.

Other Survey Tools

Other survey data collection tools may be used if either they are hosted and managed securely within your unit or a due diligence process has been completed with the external Cloud provider 

If a researcher wants to use a survey tool other than Google Forms, they should ascertain if their School or College has unit-level access to another survey tool. For example the Graduate School of Business, the College of Health and Agricultural Sciences and the School of Psychology are licensed to use Qualtrics.

In order to be GDPR compliant, researchers need to be assured that their unit has already undertaken a due diligence process to ensure that the survey tool conforms with all data protection requirements, including data location (EEA), data security, etc. It is also essential that the UCD unit has a controller-processor agreement, including data protection clauses, with the survey tool provider. If these requirements are not met by the unit, from a GDPR point of view, such a tool should not be used. For GDPR and data protection queries, you can access the resources on the UCD GDPR website or contact the UCD Office of the DPO.

UCD IT Services has provided a Cloud Computing Guidance to ensure that best practice is consistently followed, we have identified a number of core principles for engaging with cloud services, including Survey Tool providers, that should be adhered to. 

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