How to report an IT Security Incident 

IT Security related incidents must be reported immediately to the IT Helpdesk by calling ext. 2700 or to the IT Support Hub at

NOTE: If you think your incident may involve Personal Data you also need to contact the Office of the DPO at gdpr@ucd,ie. Please follow this link and complete the Incident Report Form  Personal Data Incident & Breach Management

What steps can I take to reduce the risk?

  • If you think your computer is infected with malware, then please shutdown it down immediately to prevent the infection from spreading to other devices.
  • If you believe your UCD Connect account has been compromised, then please change your password immediately using a secure computer.
  • If you receive a suspicious spear phishing email impersonating UCD staff, please make your colleagues aware of the potential threat. 
  • Finally Contact the IT Helpdesk to report the IT Security incident.

What information should I tell the IT Helpdesk? 

  • The date and time that the incident occurred.
  • The name of the system or service affected. 
  • The type of information that is at risk. 
  • The operating systems of the laptop or mobile device you were using.
  • Your contact details including email address, phone number and building you are located in.
  • What steps you have taken to reduce the impact.

Incident Response Procedures

Page updated November 2019