Online security training

Security awareness training is an important part of IT Security. The presentations and resources on this page will provide you with information to help keep your information and devices protected. 

Information Security Awareness Course (2017)

This new 2017 online training course will provide you with essential cyber security skills to help you protect your information and money. The course contains videos, interactive games and informative topics such as protecting your password, identifying common threats, cloud security, etc. Don't forget to test your new skills by taking the assessment. Be the first to get 100%!

This course is available to both students and staff in Blackboard. Please login to Blackboard at, enrol to the Information Security Module ISA101 and take the Information Awareness Course.  Details on how to access this course can be viewed here ISA101 Information Security module

UCISA Course 2017










 Phishing Challenge - How to Avoid Email Phishing

This fun interactive quiz will help you identify and avoid email scams and show you how to spot malicious URL links. Play the quiz with your colleagues and try and get all questions right! Check it out here

Phishing Challenge