Information Security Awareness Online Course

This online course will provide you with essential cyber security skills to help protect the University's most valuable asset, UCD's information. The course was designed to be fun and informative with lots of videos, interactive games and a quiz. Try to crack the password or get 100% in quiz to become a true cyber security legend! 

UCISA Course 2017

Brightspace icon How to take the Course in Brightspace? 

  1. Login to Brightspace from UCD Connect
  2. Click on the "Explore" Option.
  3. Choose the "Information Security Awareness" course and "Enrol".
  4. Open the Module and choose "My Learning", then start the course.
  5. Now become the IT Security Hero you always dreamed of!! 

UCD Phishing Challenge  

This fun interactive quiz will help you identify and avoid email scams and show you how to spot malicious URL links. Play the quiz with your colleagues and try and get all questions right! Check it out here

Phishing Challenge