Virtual Box for Mac and virtual Windows installation


Recommended Pre-Requesites
Host machine with 8gb RAM minimum
VirtualBox for Mac (or similar)
Windows license and media


 VirtualBox is one of a type of application that allows users to run virtual machines on a Mac OS that will allow them to use any other licensed PC operating system such as Windows or Linux.  It is very straightforward to set up however it should be noted that it is highly recommended that this only be done on a user’s own host machine if it has at least 8gb of memory as once a virtual machine is running on the host machine, it will take over an allocated portion of this memory away from the mac itself.

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To get started, go to VirtualBox Downloads and choose the download for OSx hosts if intending to install on a mac and double click on the downloaded .dmg file.

Follow the onscreen instructions to :

1. Click on the VirtualBox icon to install
2. Run VirtualBox from the Applications Folder



VirtualBox user manual

VirtualBox FAQs


Open VirtualBox from the Applications folder and click New. At this stage you can give your new virtual machine a name and specify the operating system that you have purchased a license for eg. Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit and click continue.


Memory Size
When specifying the Memory Size please note that you should NEVER give the full amount available on your host machine.  For a positive virtual machine experience IT Services recommends that you have 8gb RAM on your host machine and allocate 4gb RAM to your Windows Virtual machine.  

Hard Drive
Choose the default option to create a hard drive now and the default of Virtual Disk Image and dynamically located.  When asked to specify the size of the hard drive to use, please ensure you have enough free space on your mac.  A minimum of 50gb is recommended, however, if you have space, more can be allocated.  This specifies the upper limit available to the virtual pc, however, the virtual machine will only take the minimum amount that it needs and will grow as it requires more with use up to the upper limit specified now.  

The basic machine is now ready for your windows install.

Install Windows

Your machine is now listed and ready to set up, have your Windows installation disc in your drive.  Click Start, specify the location of the media when prompted and begin to install Windows onto your virtual machine.   

At this stage, please change your Time location to English, UK.  When asked which type of installation to use, please choose Custom (Advanced) to install a new copy of Windows and click  Disk 0 Unallocated as the installation location. Windows will now install, please follow the on screen instructions and accept any defaults offered

Once your virtual machine with Windows is installed and set up, insert your windows dvd into the drive and run VirtualBox as normal from the Applications folder.  Choose Start from the VirtualBox machine listing to start your windows machine.  You can now use windows as if as a PC user using Internet Explorer as the default browser or you may download and install other browsers within the machine.  

You may now setup and use AppsAnywhere applications within this machine.

Please note that you should always choose to shut down your virtual machine when not in use as this will return allocated RAM to the host computer.