Information for staff working remotely

The following information is designed to help staff securely access the main IT services available at UCD while working remotely.

All staff and students are provided with access to the University Google services (G Suite).  G Suite includes the primary applications such as Mail, Calendar, Drive and Google Hangouts Meet.

These services can be accessed remotely in the same way they are accessed on campus.

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Home Broadband Advice

Broadband networks will be under increased strain during this period where many of us will be working remotely. While Internet Service Providers (ISP) are doing what they can to provide as much capacity to cope with the increased usage, there are some things we can do to improve our home broadband coverage.


Note: These are general tips and recommendations for improving your home broadband but for technical support you should contact your ISP directly.

  • If logged into the VPN, avoid using this device for other non-work internet services or streaming audio or video at the same time.
  • If you connect via Wifi make sure you have a good strong signal. Try moving closer to your router if your signal is weak.
  • If possible, directly connecting to the internet router or access point via a wired cable will provide the best quality, especially for audio/video applications like Zoom.
  • Be conscious of other devices using the network at the same time. If overloaded this can affect overall coverage.
    Reboot your broadband router if your signal is weak.
  • Be aware that when connected to a domestic broadband connection advertised speeds are often reduced at times of peak usage.
  • Be aware of your broadband contract details and usage limits.


The Brightspace Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is used to provide e-learning services to staff and students and is available on and off campus. Extensive web resources are available on our web site covering all features of Brightspace.



Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom (facilitated by Collaborate Ultra) is a real-time web conferencing tool, which can be used to support teaching delivery.

Virtual Classroom

Google Hangouts Meet

Google Hangouts Meet is a video conferencing solution available to all staff and students through Google Calendar. Hangouts Meet allows for meetings of up to 150 people simultaneously.

Google Hangouts Meet



A Zoom Pro licence has been procured for all Faculty and Staff. Each staff member should have received an email with a link to activate the licence. 


Staff VPN Service

The Staff VPN provides University staff with a secure way to connect their work devices to the University network in order to access core systems remotely.  The Staff VPN provides a secure tunnel into the UCD from the outside our core network.

We would only recommend that you request access to the Staff VPN service if you need to use the core Business Systems (Banner, Core HR Backoffice, Efinancials, EProcurement and CMIS).


Remember, you don't need the Staff VPN to access most services as they are web based. These web based services include (but are not limited to) all the G Suite applications, Brightspace, InfoHub, SISWeb and Content Management System.

Staff VPN


Data & File Access

If you are handling sensitive and/or confidential information, then the device should, at a minimum, be running Windows 10 Pro, Sophos AntiVirus and be encrypted. Our User File Guide will help you define what category your data falls into.  

Full details on encryption, including instructions, can be found on our encryption web page.


Google Drive

If you used Google drive to store and share files, you also can access these remotely.

Shared Novell files

If you use Novell to store your own files and access Shared drives, Netstorage is the recommended way to access Novell files when off campus. Access this by clicking the My Files icon on the UCD Connect web page.


Full details on file storage can be found on our documents and storage webpage.


Protecting personal data when working remotely

Tips from the Data Protection Comission on keeping personal data safe.

Apps Anywhere

AppsAnywhere provides both staff and students access to a selection of the most popular academic application software for academic use. There is no requirement to install the software locally and the user must be validated by the system to access the application suite.


A detailed list of all available applications is listed in the Software Catalogue.

Access to this service is through the AppsAnywhere icon in UCD Connect using your UCD Connect username and password.


*AppsAnywhere is only available to Mac users when connected to the UCD network.


Software Downloads

Applications that are available to download, can also be downloaded remotely from the Software Downloads icon on the UCD Connect web page.


Sophos AntiVirus

Sophos Antivirus is licenced for home use and is available to download from Software Downloads.


Device & IT Security

Staff should ideally work on computers and devices provided by the University. Where a staff member is using a device not provided by the University, they should at a minimum, ensure that any laptop or desktop computer that is used for work is running a supported operating system and has Sophos Antivirus installed.  Once a computer is running a supported operating system and has Sophos AntiVirus running,  our web based services can be accessed safely.


As mentioned in the Data and File access section, if you are handling sensitive and/or confidential information, additional precautions need to be taken.  The device should, at a minimum, be running Windows 10 Pro, have Sophos AntiVirus installed and be encrypted.


Full details on device encryption, including instructions, are available on our encryption web pages.


Phishing & Password security

When working remotely it is as important to protect your password and be aware of potential phishing attacks


We have a comprehensive suite of information on our IT Security web pages.

You can also check out our top security tips.


Remember: Don't share devices that are used for confidential or sensitive data with anyone not authorised to access this data.

Buying equipment

You can continue to buy Windows and Apple desktops or laptops our HEAnet framework agreements. Full details are available here.

Please note lead times on delivery are longer than normal due to extra demand.


Renting equipment

While UCD IT Services does not partner with or endorse a particular company for this service, the following companies are currently offering laptop rentals:

BT Ireland