Phishing email to staff and students asking to confirm details, Wednesday 26 September

Wed, 26 September 18

What is happening:

Some users have received a phishing email purporting to being from the IT Helpdesk asking them to provide their login credentials. If you receive an email you are unsure of please contact the IT Helpdesk, Remember: IT Services will never ask you for your password.

See below for sample phishing email:


From: IT Helpdesk Support
Date: 18 September 2018 at 13:33
Subject: FYI: Important

Attention User,

Due to on going server upgrade, all users are required/mandated
to provide their login credentials to enable us update and secure
all users in our database.

This server upgrade is to comply with the new policy that ensures
Information Security, Email Authentication, Message Integrity and

The below user login credentials must be completed:
Confirm Password:
Name (First & Last):
Phone Number:

Note: Failure to reply this email with the above requested
information will lead to a permanent suspension/deactivation of
your email.

IT Helpdesk
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