Microsoft Windows 7 End of Life - Sophos cease updates for Windows 7

Mon, 2 March 20

Microsoft Windows 7 End of Life:

This is a reminder that Microsoft ended their support for the Windows 7 operating system on 14 January 2020, Sophos has now also stopped providing updates for Windows 7. Continuing to use Windows 7 to access the UCD network, either on campus or from home, is in breach of the University’s Acceptable Use Policy and will expose University data to serious risk. IT Services strongly recommends that you replace any PC running Windows 7, purchased before 1 March 2015.

If your PC was bought under the framework from Dell after 1 March 2015, it is possible to upgrade to Windows 10. The process is straightforward and all the information you need is available on our dedicated web page

IT Services have ceased support of any PC or Laptop running Windows 7.