Be aware of phishing emails, Tuesday, 5 April

Tue, 5 April 22

What is happening:

IT Services are aware of an increase in phishing emails. The email usually impersonates a member of staff, but is sent from a non UCD email address. If you receive a similar email, please mark the email as spam (in UCD Gmail) and then delete it.
Sample phishing email: "" to: "Zhanna.Murphy" date: 4 Apr 2022, 11:37:31 subject: Important Task Busy? Professor, Head Of School 

Security advice:

  1. Use the Gmail web client instead of Outlook. To help avoid phishing, data breaches and fraud, UCD Gmail includes warning messages when it detects a spoofed or impersonated staff account.
  2. Always check the reply address before replying, verify links in emails and never download unexpected attachments.
  3. Ensure all computers are protected with Sophos Endpoint Protection. (Available from Software Downloads)

Who will this affect:

All Staff and Students.