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James Joyce scholars in Japan launching Project 22 Ulysses

James Joyce scholars in Japan launching Project 22 Ulysses (February 2022)

James Joyce scholars including researchers with strong links with UCD and the UCD Centre for Japanese Studies organised Project 22 Ulysses

On 2 February 2022, James Joyce scholars in Japan launched Project 22 Ulysses to celebrate the centenary of the publication of James Joyce’s Ulysses.

This free online event consists of 22 lectures which will take place on the first and third Friday every month from 8pm to 10pm JST. The lectures will provide basic information on each episode of Ulysses, followed by a more detailed discussion led by special lecturers.

This lecture series will be in Japanese only and will invite anybody and everybody interested in this 100-year-old masterpiece. The first webinar attracted 350 participants, which show a great interest in Joyce’s works.

Project 22 Ulysses (https://twitter.com/22Ulysses2022) include several scholars who have visited, studied and conducted research at UCD. They include: Toshiki Tatara, Shinya Kawahara, Mika Momoo, Soichiro Onose, Yoshimi Minamitani, Hironao Kobayashi, Eri Tanaka, Kaori Hirashige, Yu Nagashima, Yuta Imazeki, Shun Miyahara, Kayoko Yuda and Tomoya Arai (titles omitted).

A new book entitledジョイスの挑戦──『ユリシーズ』に嵌る方法 (Joyce's Challenge ── How to get hooked on Ulysses. Japanese James Joyce Studies) was also published by Gensousha Publishing Ltd. The book is edited by Profs. Yoshihiko Kanai (Hitotshibashi University), Shin Kikkawa (Otsuma Women's University) and Kazuo Yokouchi (Kwansei Gakuin University).