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Prof. Miyamoto joining the Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics

Prof. Miyamoto joining the Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics (February-May 2022)

Prof. Toshiaki Miyamoto has joined Prof. Brian Caulfield’s team at the Insight Research Centre, continuing their research collaborations.

The UCD Centre for Japanese Studies welcomes Dr Toshiaki Miyamoto from Japan, who has joined the Insight Centre for Data Analytics as a visiting lecturer. He will be based in UCD between February and May 2022.

Dr Miyamoto obtained a Bachelor degree in Engineering from Osaka University in 2001 and national license of physiotherapy from Kyoto University in 2005. Subsequently, he acquired a Ph.D. in Human and Environmental Studies from Kyoto University in 2013 after experiencing clinical works. Until recently, he has been working as an Associate Professor at Hyogo University of Health Sciences, Japan. His expertise is physiotherapy, and his research is concerned with the development of exercise strategies for patients with internal disorders, particularly those who experience barriers to recommended voluntary exercise participation.

He has 17 years of clinical and research experiences, and has been carrying out research projects, funded through 13 grants, at Kyoto University and Hyogo University of Health Sciences. The results obtained from these projects suggest that neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES), a novel technology, could considerably improve muscle strength and cardiorespiratory fitness in young healthy adults, and provided the first evidence that NMES significantly improves glucose metabolism in patients with type 2 diabetes. Furthermore, his research has recently shown that NMES might have a potential to prevent dementia and colon cancer by evaluating biochemical analyses. His works indicate that the use of NMES can be an alternative to exercise where voluntary exercise is not an option or needs augmentation.

Prof. Miyamoto will contribute to some teaching in UCD, and would like to make the best of his stay in an effort to expand and strengthen UCD’s research networks with Japan, one of the leading countries in the fields of cutting-edge technology and also known for its long heathy life years. We believe his stay will enhance UCD-Japan’s capacity to be further engaged in collaborative projects related to health sciences in the future.