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Research Links & Partners

Links with Japan

UCD has a number of partners in Japan. UCD has exchange agreements with Keio University, Kyoto University, University of Tokyo and Waseda University.

Other partners include The University of Electro-Communications, Hokkaido University, Utsunomiya University, Chiba University, Doshisha University, International Christian University, Tsuda University, Meiji University, Rikkyo University, Seijo University, and many others.

For more information about exchange opportunities, please go to the UCD Global's website.

Hokkaido University's Global Institution for Collaborative Research & Education

UCD has research links with Hokkaido University's Global Institution for Collaborative Research and Education (GI-CoRE) Global Station for Zoonosis Control. Our collaboration encompasses research and teaching, with a particular focus on the 'One Health' agenda that emphasises the links between human, animal and environmental health. Areas such as identification of new viral pathogens, transmission of infection from humans to animals, and rapid diagnostics tests are just some of our current research projects.

Tokyo Gakugei University IMPULS programme

​​​Dr Aoibhinn Ní Shúilleabháin's (Assistant Professor, School of Mathematics & Statistics) research work focuses on mathematics education. Lesson study, a Japanese model of teacher professional development, forms a large part of her research and Dr Ní Shúilleabháin has been involved in a number of Irish-based and international lesson study projects. In 2015, she attended the IMPULS programme in Japan, led by Prof. Akihiko Takahashi (de Paul University) and Prof. Toshiakira Fujii (Tokyo Gakugei University) and in 2017 she will present at World Association of Lesson Study conference held at Nagoya University.

Utsunomiya University’s Advanced Laser Science

Profs. Gerry O’Sullivan (School of Physics), Takeshi Higashiguchi (Utsunomiya University) and their research teams have been collaborating for many years in the areas of Extreme Ultraviolet Source Development for Lithography, Surface Morphology and Water Window Imaging. The photo shows researchers from Utsunomiya University, the National Institute for Fusion Sciences, Toki, the Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University and UCD who performed a series of experiments using all 12 beams of the Gekko XII at ILE Osaka to measure the conversion efficiency from laser energy to extreme ultraviolet/soft x-ray radiation in a project to determine the feasibility of sources for nanolithography a wavelength of 6.7 nm for future generations of microchip fabrication.

Chiba University's Graduate School of Nursing & Centre for Frontier Medical Engineering

​​UCD School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice work closely with Chiba University's Graduate School of Nursing and Centre for Frontier Medical Engineering. Our research collaboration focuses on the theme of future healthcare, particularly on robotics-based solutions to​ ​ageing society, exploring ​quality of life, ​ethical and safety aspects.​ Drs Kodate and Donnelly are working with the Chiba research team led by Profs Yu and Suwa. They are regular visitors to UCD, and recently gave a talk entitled 'Supporting Ageing with Communication Robots'.

University of Tsukuba’s CRICED

Associate Professor Hasheem Mannan (School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Systems) held a visiting fellowship at the University of Tsukuba. The fellowship was hosted by Profs Sato and Lamichhane at the Center for Research on International Cooperation in Educational Development (CRICED) in Tsukuba. The focus of the research was on ‘Disability Statistics and Disability Policy: Within the Context of Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities’. Prof. Mannan also met with Profs Kishi Fukuzawa, Ganchimeg and Sugimoto to discuss teaching and learning on ‘Evidence Based Practice for Healthcare’, which he coordinates at UCD. 

Japan-India Research Project 'Values affirmation exercise in Indian schools' (Hitotsubashi, Waseda and Tokyo)

Dr Pablo Lucas (School of Sociology) is involved in an international research collaboration with academics from Waseda University, the Institute of Developing Economies, Hitotsubashi University and University of Tokyo, and the Indian NGO M.V. Foundation based in Hyderabad. This project places an emphasis on strategies for effective learning and student networks through the analysis of results from an experiment of 'values affirmation'. Data are collated from socio-economic surveys (e.g. households, teachers, headmasters, and students) and administrative sheets (e.g. experimental exercise, academic achievements).

RCT ID AEARCTR-0000410: American Economic Association registry for randomized controlled trials. https://www.socialscienceregistry.org/trials/410