What is Landscape Architecture?
Landscape architecture is both an activity and a discipline.  It involves the planning, design and management of the natural and built environment at a range of scales – gardens, streets, city and country parks, villages, towns, cities, river catchments, lakes, mountain ranges, and whole regions. Landscape architects respond to social and environmental issues by creating attractive and environmentally sustainable urban and rural spaces that contribute to public health and wellbeing. As a profession, Landscape Architecture plays an important part in addressing the threats posed by climate change. Through the planning and design of more energy efficient environments, through the promotion of strategies like green roofs and water efficient design, through the protection of valuable habitats and the practice of sustainable design and construction, Landscape Architects help society better adapt to climate change.
Landscape architecture requires creativity and vision.

What can I expect from a career in Landscape Architecture?
Varied projects, often as part of multi-disciplinary teams, involving the environment, urbanism and culture such as:
• Design and regeneration of urban and rural neighbourhoods
• Design and management of public parks, streets and gardens
• Planning of green infrastructure and ecology networks
• Design and regeneration of residential, industrial and commercial landscapes
• Advising government bodies on new ways to plan, design and manage state lands
• Working with communities to plan their towns and spaces
• Conservation and management of historic landscapes and waterways
• Advice on the siting and potential impact of new structures in the landscape
• Management of landscape construction

UCD is the only University in Ireland to offer an undergraduate and accredited degree in Landscape Architecture

A creative atmosphere – bright and airy design studios, well-equipped workshop and building laboratory, exhibition spaces and the best architectural library in the country

4-year course with a 2-6 month professional internship and international study opportunities

Subjects include place-making, urban and rural design, climate change and the environment, planning law, landscape ecology, land use, green infrastructure as well as access to UCD Horizons elective modules