A Brief History of Lau Gar in Ireland


Lau Gar Ireland was founded in 1977 by Master Jeremy Yau. Master Yau sent over black sashes to help promote the style in Ireland by giving demonstrations in the towns of Wexford, Waterford, Kilkenny and Dublin and to set up the first four clubs in Ireland. Current Cheif Instructor Bobby O'Neill was in attendance at the very first class. Since that day 30 years ago, Bobby has risen to a 5th Degree Black Sash and Guardian of Lau Gar. He took over control from the previous instructor, Denis Davis, in 1989 and has won two world kickboxing titles, as well as representing Ireland on the the national team for over 10 years. The centre for Lau Gar in Ireland is now based in Wexford.

More details about the style and its origins can be found on the official Lau Gar website here, and the Irish site can be found  here.

Lau Gar in University College Dublin


The club was formed back in the late 1980s by Garret Keane. Previous captains include

Charles Kelly 2018/19
Ellen Geary and Aaron Voyles 2017/18
Jubril Shola Aguns and Isidora Frangogianni 2015/16
Conor McVeigh 2014/15
Pádraig Lucey 2013/14
Micheál Foley 2012/13
Michael Keady 2011/12
Richie Casey 2010/11
Joe Fitzpatrick 2009/10
Neill Brauders 2008/09
Seán Woods 2007/08
Ciarán Murphy 2006/07
Eoin Syron 2005/06
Mark O'Neill & Alison Hay 2004/05
Peadar óDálaigh 2003/04
Garreth Beagan 2002/03
Sinéad Keogh 2001/02
Clive Staunton 2000/01
Alan Clarke 1999/00
Colin Dowdall 1998/99
Colin Dowdall? or Robert Moore? 1997/98
Fiachra Crean 1996/97
Ken Slevin 1991/1996
Garret Keane1980s/1991