Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can anyone join the club?
A: You must be a student, staff member or alumni of University College Dublin. We do not permit members of the public to join our club. Sorry!

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Our annual membership fee for STUDENTS, GRADUATES & STAFF is €20 for the year. The allows you access to 2 training sessions a week throughout term, outdoor fitness once a week, a members pass, along with a short intro guide and club card. In addition we organise social events, weekend trips away, regular competitions, and have a variety of fitness and self defence classes from which to choose from. Gradings and uniform are extra. Uniforms are worn by senior grades and are not compulsory for beginners. Tee-shirts are currently €15 from the club and pants are €30. If you would like to grade for a sash in December (completely optional) it normally costs around €30.

Q: When can I start?
A: Come down and join up at our stand in the Sports Expo starting the 16th September, or at any training. We particularly welcome beginners at this time of year. The first few classes are a little crowded for a while, but it soon eases off. We often get fresh recruits after Christmas too. But you can sign up any time during the academic year before class, just so long as you have a student/staff card and the fee. (Summer is different though, please contact us for more details)

Q: Can I try it out first?
A: Yes! We have a trial period open to all students and staff members, but membership will be required afterwards for comfort and safety. More details soon!

Q: Do I have to be fit?
A: No, you dont have to be fit, but part of our training includes exercise which will help you improve your fitness.

Q: How high do you have to kick?
A: Not too high, to kick someone in the leg will cause as much pain and damage as a high kick. In competition kicks must be above the belt, and more points are awarded for kicks to the head.

Q: Do I have to spar/fight?
A: No, we do a range of martial arts, so there is always an alternative option such as circuits or self defence. However, we do recommend trying it out, as its great fun!

Q: What are your rules?
All members must:

  • Show respect for their instructors and fellow members.
  • Show loyalty to the style.
  • Try their best to help fellow members.
  • Wear a clean recognised uniform and sash (Blue sash and above).
  • Have an up-to-date licence (Included in grading).
  • Attend classes with clean feet.
  • Wear short toe and finger nails.