Training Times



All classes take place in the UCD sports centre. The training times in term (from September-April)(except Christmas) are:

  • Tuesdays 18:00 - 20.00 in Hall A, taken by Steve Kealy (fitness & kickboxing).
  • Thursdays 18:00 - 20:00 in Hall A, taken by Steve Spain (self-defence & traditional).
  • Week 1 of training is for fully paid members only. You can join on the night. Weeks 2+3 (Sports Expo and week after) is for both members and those wishing to try the class for free. From Week 4 onwards it will be members only and cards will be checked upon entry.

    Summer training normally happens on a Wednesday night from 6-8pm, but is subject to availability



We have (almost) all the gear you need to train in Lau Gar, for both kickboxing and Lau Gar.
For regular training we wear the club uniform, the new one which is black with LAU GAR embroidered on the leg. (You may spot some old heads in the previous green and black uniform.) Footwear is either flat-soled martial arts shoes,trainers or barefoot(not socks, as there is danger of slipping).

For Beginners, you may train in tracksuit trousers / shorts and a T-shirt. Anyone who wishes to grade for Blue Sash or higher MUST wear the club uniform and current grade sash for the grading. Uniforms are available through the club.



  • 15 * sets of semi-contact (points) sparring gear and 15 * sets of continuous (light) gear, each of which contain HAND PADS, FOOTPADS and SHINPADS. Points gloves have an open palm, and continuous are heavier and have a closed palm (like normal boxing gloves).
  • For points sparring elbow pads are obligatory in competition (we have some), and in low kick categories shorts must be worn.
We do not provide GUMSHIELDS or GROINGUARDS. These must be provided by the person wishing to spar and need to be fitted in advance (easily done with boiling water). We also have 2 sets of ladies CHESTGUARDS, although again, we recommend purchasing your own…


Lau Gar

  • 4 rubber knives (for Purple Sash and above)
  • 5 sets of 6 ft staffs (for Brown Sash and above)

If you want to get any of your own gear Elverys Sport in Dundrum stock some martial arts supplies or Mullen Sports in the city centre.

Lau Gar Syllabus


Sash Grading

Like most martial arts the syllabus has a grading system going from White to Black Sash. A member can expect to grade 2-3 times a year if attending regularly (up to Yellow Sash). Purple and above must grade in front of the Chief Instructor of Ireland - Bobby O'Neill, and also attend regular training courses in Wexford.

The grades are as follow:

  • White - 1st Cup
  • Blue - 2nd Cup
  • Orange - 3rd Cup
  • Green - 4th cup
  • Yellow - 5th Cup
  • Purple - 6th Cup
  • Brown - 7th Cup
  • Black - 8th Cup

    The following document shows all of the different requirements in order to grade to First Degree Black Sash in Lau-Gar .

    PDF can be downloaded



    The first two sash gradings are detailed below:

    White Sash
    o Basic walk and punch - Harng Ma Ping Choi
    o Horse riding stance and punch - Kair Ma Bo Ping Choi
    o Front kick - Tsin tak
    o Turning kick - Yeun tak
    o Side kick - Warng tak
    o Left hand block and punch - Jor dong ping choi
    o Right block and punch - Yau dong ping choi
    o Left kick block and turning kick - Jor dong yeun tak
    o Left kick block and front kick - Jor dong tsin tak

    Blue Sash
    o Spear hand and punch - Beau gee ping choi
    o Basic walk and Three punches - Harng ma lin wan choi
    o Horse riding stance and Three punches - Kair ma bo Linwan choi
    o Basic hand movement - Kay boon sau fa
    o Left palm block and punch - Jor jurn ping choi
    o Right palm block and punch - Yau jurn ping choi
    o Left jump and side kick - Jor til wang tak
    o Right bridge and turning kick - Yau kiu yeung tak
    o One step front kick - Cern ma tsin tak
    o One step turning kick - Cern ma yeung tak
    o One step side kick - Cern ma wang tak