IFLC Programme

Islamic Finance and Law Conference 2015, Ireland

Challenges for Islamic Finance and Law: Innovations and Regulations

Day One                                 Thursday                               14th May 2015

9:00-9:30: Registration with tea/coffee in Atrium

9:30-9:40: Housekeeping announcement in William Fry lecture theatre

9.40 – 9:55:  Welcome speech in William Fry lecture theatre

Professor Joseph McMahon, Dean of Law, University College Dublin

10:00 –10:45: Keynote Speech in William Fry lecture theatre

 Prof Rodney Wilson, Durham Islamic Economic and Finance Centre, UK and International Centre for Islamic Finance (INCEIF), Malaysia.

10:50-11:20: Guest speech in William Fry lecture theatre

Mr. Martin Moloney, Head of the Markets Policy Division in the Central Bank of Ireland.

11-25-11:55: Tea/coffee in Atrium

12:05-14:30: Internationalisation of IF -Panel discussion in William Fry lecture theatre

1. Shaikh Bilal Khan, UKTI Catalyst and Co-Partner Dome Advisory, UK

2. Simon O’Neill, Partner, McKeever Rowan, Ireland

3. Dr Zamir Iqbal, Head of the World Bank Global Islamic Finance Development Centre.                                                                                    

4.John Havel, Havel Accountancy, Ireland

Facilitator: Mr Edward Donelan, University College Dublin, Ireland

14:30-15:30: Lunch Break in Atrium

15:30-16:00: Prayer Break

 16:05-18:00: Internationalisation of IF –Presentations in William Fry lecture theatre

1. Ms Faiza Ismail: Irish Research Council Scholar, Government of Ireland and PhD candidate, University College Dublin.

     Paper title:  Islamic Financing in Europe:  Recent Developments in Ireland.

2. Dr Rezeda Gabbasova: Faculty member, Pavlodar State University, Kazakhstan

     Paper title: First steps towards Islamic Finance Regulation in Russian Federation.

3. Mr Omar B Yonus: Juris Doctor (JD), Chicago-Kent College of Law, Chicago. Bosna Bank Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

     Paper title: Creating Islamic Finance Regulations in Hostile Jurisdictions: The Case Study of Bosnia & Herzegovina

Discussant: Dr Zamir Iqbal

Chair: Mr Brian Hutchinson


Day two                                              Friday                                                 15th May 2015

Incorporating 9th University College Dublin Sutherland School of Law

 Postgraduate Workshop

9:00-9:20: Coffee/tea in Atrium

9:20-9:30: Housekeeping and fire alarm announcement in William Fry lecture theatre

9:30-10:15: Keynote speech in William Fry Lecture Theatre

Dr Zamir Iqbal, Head of the World Bank Global Islamic Finance Development Centre.

10:25 – 13.00:  Perspective on innovations and regulations --Panel discussion in William Fry lecture theatre

1. Mr Omar Shaikh, Islamic Finance Council, UK

2. Mr Edward Donelan, University College Dublin, Ireland

3. Dr Mulcahy, University College Cork, Ireland

4. Prof Rodney Wilson, University of Durham, UK

Facilitator: Mr John O'Dowd BCL, University College Dublin, Ireland

13:00-14:00: Lunch Break in Atrium

14:00-14:20: Prayer Break

 14:25-17:00: Legal Issues in William Fry lecture theatre

1. Sultan Abdulsalam, Faculty member, King Abdul Aziz University, Saudi Arabia. PhD candidate University College Dublin, Ireland.

     Paper title: The Learned Lessons from Common Law Countries: Towards Implementing Modern Islamic Security Interest Laws

 2. Ms Farah Mazlan: Centre for Energy, Petroleum, Mineral Law and Policy (CEPMLP), University of Dundee, UK.

     Paper title: Arbitration for Cross Border Transactions in Islamic Finance Contracts.

 3. Ms Alfiya Salikhova: Associate Professor of Pavlodar State, Kazakhstan

     Paper title:  Banking Law and Implementation of Islamic Banking in Kazakhstan

 4. Mr Muath Almajed: PhD Candidate, University of Leeds.

     Paper title: ‘The Complementary Factors Between Islamic Finance and Project  Finance’

 Discussant: Sheikh Bilal Khan

 Chair: Noel McGrath

 17:05-17:20: Tea/coffee in Atrium

 17:30-19:30: Islamic Corporate Governance/ Regulatory Issues in Moot court

1. Mr Abd Hakim Abd Razak: PhD candidate, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. Ex-lecturer, Management & Science University Malaysia.

    Paper title: The Centralisation Debate of Islamic Banks’ Sharia’ Boards- A worthy case?’

 2. Dr Edana Richardson: Allen and Overy, UK

    Paper title: Islamic Finance Disputes in Ireland.

 3. Mr Sufian Hraze: Al - Al Bayt University, Jordan.

    Paper title: Analyzing the Issuances’ Distribution of Islamic Sukuk during 2001 – 2014.

Discussant: Mr Omar Shaikh

Chair: Ms Faiza Ismail

 17:30-19:30: Innovation in William Fry lecture theatre (Parallel session)

1. Mr Ehsan Agha: International Islamic University Malaysia

   Paper title: Shariah Review of Profit Rate Swap strategies in Islamic Financial   Institutions: The case of Malaysia.

2. Mr Moinudin Ul Islam: International Islamic University Malaysia

   Paper title: Various Islamic Microfinance Models and their Effectiveness on Poverty Alleviation.

3. Mr Mohammed Abdullah: Secretary, Shariah Board, Islamic finance consultancy Ltd, Caribbean and PhD candidate at the University of Gloucestershire, UK.

   Paper title: Modelling a new framework of corporate governance for Awqaf: An Analysis

Discussant: Prof Rodney Wilson

Chair: Mr Sultan Abdulsalam

19:30-19:50: Closing speech in William Fry lecture theatre