Competition Law in Hong Kong and Ireland

Following the award of a Government of Ireland New Foundations Scheme  by the Irish Research Council, our colleague Dr Mary Catherine Lucey undertook a research project on “Competition Law in Hong Kong and Ireland: Superficially Similar but Deeply Different”.

The project culminated on October 2nd with a seminar entitled “Competition Law Enforcement Convergence and Divergence: United States, Ireland and Hong Kong.”

Seminar Invitation PDF

Prof Stephen Calkins, former Adjunct Professor at SSoL, delivered an expert account of Antitrust Law enforcement in the United States and in Ireland. His comprehensive talk included many insights he gained in his previous employments as a member of the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission and general counsel of the Federal Trade Commission.

Dr Mary Catherine Lucey presented a paper on certain similarities and differences between Competition law in Hong Kong and Ireland which she has identified while conducting research at Hong Kong University. Hong Kong, like Ireland, is a small common law jurisdiction which eschewed the administrative model (favoured by the EU and many jurisdictions) in favour of a regime in which only judges have competence to make the determinations.
While a Visiting Fellow in HKU in March-April 2017 she participated in a seminar under the auspices of  the Asian Institute of International Financial Law which was attended by legal practitioners and academics. HKU Seminar Flyer

In addition, at the invitation of the Hong Kong Competition Commission and the Hong Kong Consumer Association, she delivered a paper at prestigious conference “Aspects of the Hong Kong Competition Regime” Programme Available Here

Dr Lucey in the company of fellow speakers Mr Francois Renard  ( Allen and Overy, Hong Kong),  Mr Toh Han Li (Chief Executive, Competition Commission of Singapore) and Ms Diana Pang ( Head of Investigations, Competition Commission, Hong Kong)