Dignity and Respect in the Sutherland School of Law

Everyone in the Law School should be able to engage in learning and research in an inclusive environment based on mutual respect. Each member of the School, staff and student alike, is expected to behave with respect towards, and to honour the dignity and diversity of, everyone in the School.   The School takes breaches of dignity and respect through bullying, harassment, including sexual harassment very seriously.  Should you experience or witness any behaviour that falls below these essential and strongly held values then rest assured that any approach you make will be treated confidentially, seriously and sensitively. For options, formal and informal, internal and external please go to https://reportandsupport.ucd.ie/  which sets out comprehensively what supports are available.   These range from anonymous reporting to a formal complaint within UCD to approaching specialist supports outside UCD.  You may also approach the student adviser, nadia.clarkin@ucd.ie or, for PhD students, carita.bramhill@ucd.ie We hope that you never have to avail of these but if you do, that you know you will be supported.

For definitions of what constitutes bullying and harassment, including sexual harassment, please see the policy here and its procedures.  Note, the UCD Dignity and Respect Policy is currently being reviewed.