UCD PhD student Edoardo Celeste invited to talk at the Hans-Bredow-Institut of Hamburg

On June 19th 2018 Sutherland School of Law PhD student Edoardo Celeste was invited to present his recent work on constitutionalism in the social media environment at the Hans-Bredow-Institut for Media Research at the University of Hamburg (Germany). Edoardo is an Irish Research Council Postgraduate Scholar and is currently visiting fellow at the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG) of Berlin.

Edoardo’s workshop in Hamburg was provocatively titled ‘A Constitution for Social Media?’ and reflected on the role of social media’s terms of services and bills of rights of social media users as potential mechanisms of constitutionalisation for the social media environment.

On this topic Edoardo recently published the article ‘Terms of service and bills of rights: new mechanisms of constitutionalisation in the social media environment?’ in the International Review of Law, Computers & Technology as well as a thought-provoking post in the HIIG Science Blog’s special dossier on the new EU General Data Protection Regulation.