Irish European Law Forum, European Wildlife Law Book Launch and Field Trip

On 31 May and 1 June 2018 the Law School hosted leading environmental law academics, policy-makers and practitioners from across Europe to participate in various events relating to European nature conservation law and policy.

The events – organised by Dr. Andrew Jackson – comprised a field trip for speakers and chairs to protected areas in the midlands on 31 May, the launch of Dr. Jackson’s new book “Conserving Europe’s Wildlife” that evening, and the annual Irish European Law Forum on 1 June, this year entitled “Key Challenges in European Nature Law and Policy”. 

Field Trip

The field trip comprised visits to two “Natura 2000” sites (EU protected areas for wildlife and habitats) in Co. Offaly: Charleville forest and castle followed by Clara bog, one of the finest remaining raised bogs in Ireland.

At Charleville we were kindly guided by Dr. Maria Cullen and Dr. Howard Fox of the Botanic Gardens and saw, amongst other things, the fabulous “King Oak”, at least 400 years old.

L to R in front of the King Oak: Stanley Johnson, Maria Cullen, Imelda Maher, Carol Day, Andrew Jackson, Micheál Ó Bríain, Christoph Sobotta, Hendrik Schoukens

At Clara bog we were kindly guided by Jack McGauley and Ronan Casey, respectively project manager and public awareness manager of the ongoing “Living Bog” project, the largest raised bog restoration project ever undertaken in Ireland, a €5.4 million scheme co-funded by the EU under the LIFE initiative.  

L to R at Clara bog: Ronan Casey, Andrew Jackson, Stanley Johnson, Jack McGauley, Carol Day, Hendrik Schoukens, Christoph Sobotta, Imelda Maher

L to R: Ronan McGauley, Hendrik Schoukens, Carol Day, Ronan Casey, Stanley Johnson, Andrew Jackson, Christoph Sobotta, Imelda Maher, Micheál Ó Bríain

Book Launch

Immediately after the field trip, hiking boots were swiftly replaced for the launch of Dr. Jackson’s new book “Conserving Europe’s Wildlife: Law and Policy of the Natura 2000 Network of Protected Areas” (Routledge) at the Law Society on Blackhall Place.

The event was chaired by the Dean of UCD Sutherland School of Law, Prof. Imelda Maher. Speakers comprised the author plus guest speakers Dr. John Temple Lang, who played a central role in the history of the EU’s Birds and Habitats Directives, and Mr. Stanley Johnson, who played a central role in the history of the EU’s Habitats Directive. Participants thanked both for their enormous contribution to EU environmental law and policy, reflected in the fact that almost 20% of the EU’s terrestrial area is now within the Natura 2000 network of protected areas, plus large marine areas in addition. 

L to R: John Temple Lang, Imelda Maher, Andrew Jackson, Stanley Johnson

Irish European Law Forum

The following day, 1 June, the annual Irish European Law Forum was held in the UCD Sutherland School of Law, on the subject “Key Challenges in European Nature Law and Policy”, with expert speakers from a variety of fields and backgrounds, including academics, practitioners, and participants from the EU institutions. The full programme for the event can be found here.

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