Trimester 1, 2020, Law Programmes: Guidance for students

UCD Sutherland School of Law is finalising how teaching, learning and assessment will be conducted over T1/20, noting that this may need to adapt as public health guidance changes.  It is clear that students value the opportunity to learn in a campus setting, but we also recognise that some forms of teaching lend themselves to distance learning more than others.  Therefore, the School has decided to use a blend of face-to-face and online learning options to optimise the student experience whilst maintaining a safe learning environment.

For information on the School of Law Autumn Trimester programmes we have prepared the following documents for undergraduate and graduate students:

Undergraduate Students

Graduate Students

The principles that inform the approach of the Sutherland School are: safety, rigour, compassion and agility. First and foremost, we aim to protect student and staff health as much as we are able given the current situation. We will be guided by public health guidelines on this. Second, we aim to provide the best high-quality learning experience we can within the limitations of current covid restrictions. Third, we have designed our plan so that, if needs be, we can shift to being entirely online with minimal disruption. There are compromises required but we aim to provide a framework that facilitates learning through a blended approach that will enable you to undertake your studies in a way that balances different considerations in these extraordinary times.

The information in the documents above relates only to modules offered by the School of Law.  If you are taking any modules outside the Law School, please contact that School for information on their modules.

Finally, if you have any queries please contact (BCL), (Business and Law) and graduate students can email