'Rest Here' An Installation

The opening of "Rest Here" recently took place in the Law School.  The School was privileged to host this sound installation by the 2015 College of Social Sciences and Law Artist in Residence, Mr. Michael McLoughlin.

The artist developed this unique installation from the song of the Common Swift, a bird which annually travels from the Mediterranean, North Africa and the Middle East to Ireland.  When the Swift arrives in Ireland, once a year, it rests...

Rest Here is an invitation…
an extended welcome to the landless traveller…
to remind us that we are part of their journey…
and we can offer support, hope and a safe place of rest.

This piece was originally inspired as a reflection and celebration of the increasing diversity amongst students and staff in the School of Law. As the work developed, the parallels between the story of the swifts’ journey, and those of people taking flight from the Middle East and North Africa in search of refuge deepened, adding extra resonance to the installation. See further details here.

The artist, Michael McLoughlin, developed the work whilst Artist in Residence for the UCD College of Social Sciences and Law.  The installation was facilitated by UCD Parity Studios, a university wide programme that connects the ecology of art practice in Ireland with research and education at UCD.

For Dr. Liam Thornton's speech reflecting on migration and the law see here.
For Professor Imelda Maher's speech of thanks and reflection on law and art see here.

Prof Imelda Maher welcomes the crowd to the Sutherland School of Law

Dr Liam Thornton reflects on the migrant experience as it relates to 'Rest Here'

The Artist in Residence, Michael Mcloughlin