Book Launch on Restorative Justice

We are very grateful to Noeline Blackwell (UCD Alumna and CEO of the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre) who visited the Sutherland School of Law to launch the "Restorative Responses to Sexual Violence: Legal, Social and Therapeutic Dimensions" and address it's themes. Prof Ian O'Donnell of the Sutherland School of Law further elaborated on the book's significance and Prof Michelle Norris (School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice, UCD) chaired the evenings proceedings.

The UCD Institute of Criminology & Criminal Justice & The School of Social Policy, Social Work & Social Justice were proud to sponsor the Launch of the book which is edited by Estelle Zinsstag and Marie Keenan and published by Routledge.

About the Book

Sexual violence, in all its forms, is a crime for which anecdotal accounts and scholarly reports suggest victims in their great majority do not receive adequate ‘justice’ or redress. The theory and practice of restorative justice is rapidly developing and offers some well-argued new avenues for dealings with crime in general. It has the potential to be extended to cases of sexual violence and a number of small scale programmes are already underway across the world.

Restorative Responses to Sexual Violence examines this innovative justice paradigm in more depth in the particular context of sexual trauma and violence in order to establish the empirical realities of restorative justice approaches in cases of sexual violence, and considers how such approaches could be developed adequately in the future.

This international collection brings together leading expert scholars and practitioners to offer both theoretical and practical perspectives on restorative justice and sexual violence. This book will be of interest to researchers in the field of law, criminology, psychology, social science, social work and psychotherapy, as well as practitioners in the fields of criminal justice, restorative justice and sex offender and victim trauma therapies.

Pictured Above: Noeline Blackwell and Dr Marie Keenan

Pictured Above L-R Filmaker Tómas Hardiman, Dr Marie Keenan, Prof Ivor Browne

Pictured Above L-R: Prof Ian O'Donnell, Noeline Blackwell, Dr Marie Keenan, Dr Deirdre Healy, Prof Michelle Norris