Professor Imelda Maher MRIA hosts reception at Irish Embassy in London

Prof Imelda Maher at the Irish Embassy in London

Professor Maher addresses guests at the Irish Embassy

Professor Imelda Maher in her role as President of the Society of Legal Scholars in the UK and Ireland recently hosted the Society's annual reception.  For the first time and in recognition of the relationship between the common law legal traditions, the event was held in the Embassy of Ireland in London.  The reception was attended by senior members of the UK judiciary and the Hon, Mr. Justice MacMenanin from the Irish Supreme Court along with representatives from the legal professions and education bodies.  Ambassador Mulhall, who graciously agreed to the reception being held in the Embassy, welcomed each guest alongside Professor Maher and marked the occasion with an erudite and engaging speech.  Professor Maher also spoke and awarded the Society's annual best paper and best posters prizes.Prof Imelda Maher at the Irish Embassy in London

 Ambassador Dan Mulhall speaking at the Society of Legal Scholars reception.