Sutherland School of Law: 2018 Events Calendar 


     Event      Date               Time          Location
Symposium: Historical Perspectives on Capital Punishment. Details here. September 6   Sutherland School of Law
11th North South Irish Criminology Conference. Details here. September 6 & 7   Sutherland School of Law

Research Seminar Series 2017/18 - Semester 2

Date    SpeakerTitle
24 Jan Taranabh Khaitan
(Oxford University)
Directive Principles and the Expressive Accommodation of the Ideological Dissenters
7 Feb Denis Bracken 
(University of Manitoba)
Ethnic Minorities and Criminal Justice in Ireland: Connections to Indigenous Criminology
14 Feb Melanie Sheridan
UCD HR: Performance for Growth (P4G)
21 Feb Kevin Costello
(Sutherland School of Law)
The Catholic in the United Kingdom Constitution, 1800 - 1920
28 Feb TJ McIntyre, Cliona Kelly & Liam Thornton
(Sutherland School of Law)
T&L Seminar: Teaching Innovations in the Sutherland School of Law
14 Mar Claire Hill
(University of Minnesota)
Are Profit Maximization and Corporate Social Responsibility Converging?
21 Mar David Nagle
(Univeristy of Virginia)
Arbitration of US Employment Disputes: Are 60 million workplace arbitration agreements about to be rendered unenforceable?
28 Mar Cliona Kelly
(Sutherland School of Law)
How Useful are Utility Patents? An Irish Case Study
4 Apr Máire Ni Shúilleabháin
(Sutherland School of Law)
By Accident or By Design? Irish Law and Cross-Border Status Vacuums
11 Apr

Ian O'Donnell
(Sutherland School of Law)

Notes from an Ethiopian Prison
18 Apr Mary Catherine Lucey, Suzanne Egan & Liam Thornton
(Sutherland School of Law)
T&L Seminar: More Teaching Innovations in the Sutherland School of Law
19 Apr *

Nessa Lynch 
(University of Wellington, New Zealand)

'Safety Valves': How do mandatory and resumptive sentencing laws for murder deal with the less culpable?
25 Apr John Kelleher 
(Former Film Classifier)
From 'Stop Sign to Sign Post' - An examination as to how screen censorship has  mirrored Ireland's social and cultural evolution

 Please note that seminars will take place in the Harty Boardroom (L106) at 1 PM, Sutherland School of Law, UCD. If you have any queries, please email or call (01) 716 4113. * denotes a Thursday.