Julie Foulon

Thesis Title:

Institutional and Procedural Challenges of Reflexive Governance for Environmental Protection: Empirical Study of the Fields of Water Management and the Preservation of Biodiversity in Ireland and in France.


Professor Suzanne Kingston


Traditional governance and policy instruments such as “command-and-control” policy instruments have shown their limits in the field of environmental protection. As a solution, learning-based governance seeks to move beyond the current impasse in regulatory governance. The contribution of reflexive governance to deal with environmental issues and to foster environmental protection has been analysed theoretically. If reflexive governance processes are to meet some of the challenges of contemporary environmental regulation, it is important to identify examples of successful reflexive governance, as well as to analyse and understand the institutional conditions under which they might emerge and be efficient in supporting the development of environmental regulatory capacity.

Nevertheless, few empirical studies were conducted in this field in order to identify conditions to maximise reflexivity in public participation processes. The purpose of this research is to document the literature on public participation in order to identify factors/conditions fostering and/or hindering public participation. This research provides empirical insights into these questions. Descriptive analysis is used to identify correlation between institutional and procedural conditions of public participation in two different European countries (Ireland and France) in two environmental fields differently regulated: water management and the preservation of biodiversity. This analysis is supported by field work such as interviews of actors involved in those issues in the two selected countries.



Currently Ph.D candidate in Environmental Law & Governance at UCD (Dublin, Ireland), graduated with an LL.M. in European Law from the College of Europe (Bruges, Belgium) in 2015 defending a thesis within the framework of the European Environmental seminar, graduated with a Master’s degree in International and European Environmental Law at CERIC Institute (Aix-en-Provence, France) in 2013, Bluebook trainee at the European Commission from October 2018 to February 2019 in DG ENV.

Presentations and/or Publications:

Presentation on the “Re-nationalisation of GMO policy in the EU: Analysis of the compatibility of the reforms with the internal market and WTO”, in the framework of the Environmental Law and Governance PhD Symposium in Cork, in 2016;

Presentation on the “New Regime of Compensation of Ecological Harm in French Civil Law” in the framework of the Environmental Law and Governance PhD Symposium in Cork, in 2017;

Publication as co-author: Constitutional Law France, UCD Working Papers in Law, Criminology & Socio-Legal Studies Research Paper No. 10/201.