Sarah Balto

Thesis Title:

How Does Islamic principles Impact Women Employment Right: In Light of the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women, Analytical Study


John O'Dowd


The purpose of this analytical study is to examine the circumstances that affect the application of the Islamic principles relating to women’s employment right in Islamic societies (the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in particular), and compare them with the employment right of women under CEDAW which is considered a milestone international legal instrument in the history of the United Nations. CEDAW aims to preserve the utmost level of women’s human rights and maintain gender equality. This comparison is important to better understand the real position of women in Islam in relation to their employment right and thus to overcome the gap between theory and practice regarding such right. Also, this study aims to determine whether the Saudi social attitudes comply with the Islamic principles and the international human rights standards in relation to women employment right, and thus suggesting reasonable ways to improve such rights in Saudi Arabia.



Sarah Balto is a Ph.D. candidate in law school in University College Dublin under the supervision of Mr. John O'Dowd. She studied law at King AbdulAziz University (KAU), Saudi Arabia and completed an LL.B. (Bachelor of Laws) with excellent and distinctive degree and with the first-class honours in 2012. She also holds an LL.M. (Master of Laws) from University College Dublin with excellent grade Second Class Honours in which she undertook International human rights law subjects in 2016. She was a practicing lawyer from 2012-2013 at many national and international law firms in Saudi Arabia. She worked as a graduate assistant in law school at KAU in 2014-2015. She was awarded a scholarship from KAU to continue her postgraduate study abroad.


Presentations and/or Publications:


Published an article about women rights between the Islamic doctrine and real life in the Cork Online Law Review (COLR) 2018.


Participated as a speaker in The Association of Human Rights Institutes 2018 Annual Conference.