Keeping up a long tradition of getting into your best clothing and thoroughly ruining it, LawSoc is the first to set the black-tie bandwagon rolling with its Law Ball. The event is best remembered by those who havenít gone to it, and has a long tradition of getting Law students into the courtroom well before their professional careers. This year itíll be held in the Hilton Hotel, and the nominated charity for the event is the Marie Keating Cancer Foundation. Why the Law Ball? Well itís just like any other night really, but everythingís more black and white (ho ho ED). Essentially, youíre thinking about sex, or youíre working yourself into such a state that thereís no way youíre ever going to care about sex.

First the sex: where The Law Ball excels itself is that you see everyone at his or her best. Furthermore the first half hour provides ample opportunity to compliment absolutely anyone on the way they look, without the slightest hint of sarcasm, because in some cases you do truly mean it. Then, thereís the fact that you actually get to sit down and have a meal with someone, a good meal. Finally thereís the chance that you may even win one of eight nights in a top hotel at the raffle, and thatís a guaranteed score no matter who youíre talking to.

So what if youíre an androgynous drunk, intent on nothing more than making a scene? Tennis players search for the sweet spot, gigolos for the g-spot, teenagers for their spots, and you for your inner despot. Well, the Law Ball can offer you this. When you fall over, itís carpet not concrete. When youíre rude to staff, theyíll be grateful. When you play the raffle thereís a chance you might win something in your life for a change. Finally at the end of the night, The Hilton is right beside the canal, perfect for pissing into and drowning your sorrows, if not yourself.

Thatís the way love goes. So if youíre in love with the idea of dressing up with your mates and having a laugh, or if you just want to be a part of a great night, make sure you buy yourself a ticket. A good bit of grub with a boogie afterwards, and after the work put in by the convenor, the raffle is too sweet not to mention. Finally the old reliable, surely you want to help a good cause. Donít You?