UCD K-theory, Quadratic Forms and Number Theory Seminars 2012/2013

Cohomology of Bianchi Groups and Arithmetic (18th April 2013)
q-series and quantum modular forms (11th April 2013)
Cohomological and quadratic form invariants of involutions on central simple algebras (4th April 2013)
Survey of Recent Developments on Certain Classes of Functions on Finite Fields (7th March 2013)
Distributions of Matrices over Finite Fields (28th February 2013)
Sums of squares in commutative rings (21st February 2013)
Finite Quadratic Modules and Weil Representations over Number Fields (7th February 2013)
Torsion Galois modules and Stickelberger's theorem (22nd November 2012)
 On linear groups over polynomial rings (15th November 2012)
Ramanujan's identities for the sixth order mock theta functions (18th October 2012)
Witt Rings and Valuations (11th October 2012)
Complete classification of discrete resonant Rossby/drift wave triads on periodic domains (4th October 2012)